Brothers Requested For Extradition By The United States Are Captured

BUCARAMANGA, Colombia (AP) – The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office reported on Monday the capture of brothers Leonardo and Ervin Góngora Cuero, required in extradition by a court in the District of Texas, United States, to answer for the alleged crime of transnational drug trafficking.

“According to the United States justice, Góngora Cuero would be coordinators of the shipment of narcotics in speedboats and semi-submersibles from Tumaco, Nariño (southwestern Colombia) to Central America,” said Javier García Trochez, delegate of the Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime.

Authorities captured the Góngora Cuero brothers after seizing more than a ton of cocaine. Three of these proceedings took place in international waters in the vicinity of Mexico and Guatemala.

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According to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office, the Góngora Cuero would be the main articulators of a drug trafficking network of the Oliver Sinisterra structure, a dissidence from the defunct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that operates in Nariño and that did not accept the peace process signed in 2016 with the government.

In addition, they are pointed out as being the “coordinators of all drug trafficking movements on the shores of Tumaco” controlling the stockpiling of cargo, boats and recruiting those who would take it after verification of their health condition to rule out claustrophobia or cardiovascular diseases.

“The evidence shows that they chose the shipping points, routes and supply sectors for the cocaine to reach Tapachula, on the southern coast of the state of Chiapas, in Mexico,” added the Prosecutor’s Office in a statement.

In September 2019, three castaways were discovered in Tumaco by the Colombian Navy with 1.2 kilos of cocaine that they intended to take to Mexico. Through interceptions, the Colombian authorities discovered that the Góngora Cuero brothers had tried to obtain information about the operation. From that moment they began to track them.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Góngora Cuero divided the payment in two: the first half of what was agreed for the transport of narcotics was given before setting sail and the other would be destined to the relatives for legal defense in case they were captured.

In an audio broadcast by the Prosecutor’s Office, the voice of who is presumed to be Ervin Góngora, alias “Pate Guasca”, is heard, speaking with a woman who would be the wife of a captured man and tells her that he will take care of the expenses that she needs to bear his judicial process. “Don’t worry about that… I won’t let your husband die, I will have his back. Her husband has to feel as if he were out here ”, pointed out Mr. Góngora.

So far this year, Colombia has extradited more than 90 people to the United States, most of them wanted for crimes related to drug trafficking.

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