Messi and his tender gesture with a child who entered the field at the end of the Venezuela-Argentina match

Caracas Venezuela.

The desire to meet their idols leads many soccer fans to do all kinds of crazy things. And this is the case of a little boy who did not hesitate to invade the field to hug Lionel Messi.

The little fan Yeison Ibarra, dressed in the PSG shirt with Messi number 30, circumvented the security of the Olympic stadium of the Central University of Venezuela, got on the field and hit a monumental run to go directly where the Argentine star was .

The event occurred at the end of the match that Argentina won (1-3). The boy risked jumping the fence that separates the stands from the pitch to meet Messi.

When Messi saw what happened, he made a space to facilitate your arrival and give him a nice hug that the child will surely never forget for the rest of his life.

The boy managed to quickly return to his place in the stands and burst into tears, according to the videos broadcast by those present at the sports venue.

The trans-Andean crack did not step on Venezuelan soil since 2011 for the South American qualifiers heading to Brazil 2014, so his visit in Caracas caused a total fury as he was one of the great idols of world football.

Messi sealed a good game on his visit to Venezuela, giving the assist in the goal that opened the account, courtesy of Lautaro Martínez, and now he is preparing for the stellar duel of this triple elimination round against Brazil in the reissue of the final of the America Cup.


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