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Denver gunman, 47, who killed five wrote novel the use of pseudonym about tattoo parlor rampage and ranted on-line about masculine supremacy: Police liberate photos of him on spree and say he 'focused' victims
  • Lyndon McLeod, forty seven, shot and killed five americans on Monday evening across Denver in what police said turned into a focused killing spree
  • 4 of the five victims had been named; three of them have been killed in tattoo parlors and McLeod seems to were connected to them
  • One man was shot in his domestic, and the fifth victim changed into a clerk at a lodge he was linked to, police pointed out
  • McLeod had self-published a collection of myth books, and ranted on-line in regards to the emasculation of guys and the need to 'dominate', quoting Donald Trump
  • in a single of the books a character along with his name shoots and kills individuals at a tattoo parlorÂ� � 
  • His social media feeds confirmed him dwelling in a shipping container up a mountain, the place he spoke of he become surrounded via 'books, weapons and meat'
  • McLeod died on Monday evening after he become shot by means of a police officer, who become additionally shot but is anticipated to continue to exist 
  • The Denver gunman who shot and killed 5 people on Monday nighttime, several of them connected to the tattoo business, had self-published a novel during which a character along with his identify murders individuals at tattoo parlors as an act of revenge against the world.

    Lyndon McLeod, forty seven, a popular extremist with psychiatric issues and violent cloth on his social media, changed into killed by way of police on Monday on the end of his rampage throughout Denver.

    From 2018 to 2020 he self-published a series of novels online, below the pseudonym Roman McClay.

    one of the most books elements a personality named Lyndon McLeod who opens fireplace on a tattoo parlor in downtown Denver.

    in the story, McLeod the character goes on a six-month killing rampage, killing forty six americans who had wronged him all over his lifesty les.

    considered one of his reviews additionally featured a personality who performed a murder at an condo advanced - similar to the web site of 1 of the shootings. 

    His Instagram and Twitter bills exhibit he harbored misogynistic hatred, and reveled in alt-correct conspiracy theories.  

    McLeod quoted characters and contours from his books to touch upon latest activities, akin to a COVID misinformation meme on Twitter featuring fb creator Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder bill Gates discussing 'an injectable nanoworm'. 

    Lyndon McLeod, who killed five individuals in Denver on Monday night, is considered with a bear he curiously shot and killed, in a photo he posted on Twitter. His social media turned into crammed with weapons and extremist ideology

    Lyndon McLeod is viewed in a YouTube video from 202 0, discussing the books he wrote below the pseudonym Roman McClay. an online reviewer observed the self-posted books 'provide full vent to their sexism, racism, and each other -ism kept out of mainstream discourse'

    McLeod had come on to the radar of police in 2020 and 2021, Denver police chief noted, but no expenses were ever filed. He didn't say why there became difficulty

    McLeod may also be seen to the left of the reveal strolling into the lucky 13 tattoo parlor and carrying a rifle. He leaves less than 10 seconds later, having killed Danny Scofield 

    He first killed two girls working in a tattoo parlor, then shot lifeless a person in a home. He went to the website of his former enterprise in downtown Denver, Flat Black Ink Corp - which is listed as the publisher of his novels - and opened hearth, however no person changed into injured.

    McLeod cros sed town to a second tattoo parlor, within the Lakewood area, and killed his fourth sufferer - jogging flippantly in to the keep and opening fireplace, then using off 10 seconds later.

    ultimately he went to the Hyatt condominium hotel and killed a clerk, before being shot dead by way of police.

    McLeod, who lived in a delivery container up a mountain, glorifying in a existence free of women and full of 'books, weapons and meat', had Flat Black Ink declared bankrupt in 2017.

    McLeod has in contemporary years taken to residing in a transport container up a mountain

    McLeod spoke of he was surrounded by way of 'books, guns and meat' and not one of the 'up to date bulls***' that got here with women

    McLeod frequently professed his love of guns, captioning this graphic with a Hunter S. Thompson quote: 'I swore i would in no way go unarmed ag ain'

    McLeod posted varied pictures of his weapons to social media

    His books, he referred to, had been his 'paintings' and a creative outlet. 

    On Amаzon, the primary booklet within the three-part collection, Sаnction, hаs dozens of five-stаr reviews, while others wаrn potentiаl reаders аbout the intense violence in the e-book.

    One on-line evaluation described the trilogy as 'an epic, visceral adventure into the dark heart of each man broken with the aid of society.'

    a further reviewer stated the characters 'give full vent to their sexism, racism, and each other -ism saved out of mainstream discourse,' in response to The Denver post.

    McLeod, in a 2020 interview on YouTube - now taken down - observed the ebook become about 'our mascu linity and the manner we have interaction,' taking a look at religion, genetics and lifestyle.

    He described it on Twitter, in an account dormant due to the fact June 2020, as: 'The ebook that philosophizes with a Jack-Hammer.'

    'I are likely to seem at the world in threes. i'll seem on the world at present, then the realm below it and the area above it,' he mentioned in the YouTube interview in March 2020.

    'you have the terrestrial plane, then the sub stage, then the ambiance.'

    McLeod delivered: 'I trust myself an artist first, and then a person interested in ideas and tradition 2d.'

    McLeod, in 2020, ranted on Twitter about emasculated men, and praised boxer Mike Tyson as a role mannequin.

    He additionally quoted Donald Trump as saying: 'You need to dominate. if you don't dominate, you're s quandering precious time.'  

    McLeod said: 'Our whole society is made up of sh**** little f**** who insult badasses & get away with it as a result of legislations enforcement & social norms give protection to the vulnerable from the amazing,' he tweeted.

    'i'm over it.

    'The vulnerable superior buckle up... s*** is ready to get actual.' 

    In a further tweet, he posted what appeared to be a quote from his booklet.

    'The only thing that may save the usa is a [Pinochet] purge through which we empirically examine the stupidest shit spoke of on [MsNBC] every week & then execute the offender by [Helicopter]: a restoration of the American mind in beneath a decade,' Isaiah spoke of.' 

    McLeod also posted a rates from Donald Trump, through which he advised 'domination '

    McLeod posted on Twitter copies of his e-book beside his rifle and a face mask

    McLeod, 47, relished the theory of himself living amid the aspects

    He promoted the book on Instagram, with an image of skulls and bullets

    four of his 5 victims have been named.

    the first he killed had been Alicia Cardenas, forty four, the proprietor of Sol Tribe tattoo store, and her worker Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, 35.

    Her husband, Jimmy Maldonado, changed into injured.

    McLeod then shot an unnamed man interior a home.

    He then opened fire at the former premises of his company, Flat Black Ink, earlier than being stopped via police and exchanging gunfire - which disabled the patrol car.

    McLeod endured his murderous rampage, usin g as much as the fortunate 13 tattoo parlor and killing Danny Scofield, 38.

    finally he shot and killed Sarah Steck, a 28-yr-old clerk at the Hyatt condo inn.

    Steck is the just one of the five who had been now not usual to McLeod, police observed, besides the fact that children he did have a connection to the inn itself.

    The others have been targeted, in accordance with Denver police. 

    Denver police Cmdr. Matt Clark pointed out the shootings do not seem like random.

    'It does seem that the offender turned into targeting selected people in this case,' Clark talked about. 

    'The victims had been favourite to the wrongdoer.'

    Mcleod had a business or personal relationship with the victims, authorities mentioned. The suspect was linked to the Hyatt c ondominium resort, however wasn't necessarily accustomed to Steck. 

    'There become outdated interactions with that resort,' Clark stated, 'no longer necessarily that clerk.'

    Alicia Cardenas, forty four, the owner of Sol Tribe tattoo shop on Denver, turned into named by using friends on social media as probably the most 5 individuals who were killed in Monday's capturing spree

    Cardenas (left and right) become described as a pillar of Denver's tattoo neighborhood. She is survived by a 12-year-old daughter 

    Alyssa Gunn Maldonado, 35 (right), turned into shot dead inside Cardenas' shop. Her husband, Jimmy Maldonado, turned into said to have suffered assorted gunshot wounds to the chest 

    Jimmy and Alyssa Gunn Maldonado married in February 2020. they have a son collectively

    Danny Scofield, 38 (ap propriate), a tattoo artist at fortunate 13 Tattoo and Piercing in Lakewood, became shot and killed all over the rampage  

    Sarah Steck, 28, become the fifth person to be killed McLeod, and the only 1 he's not believed to grasp - besides the fact that children he turned into conventional together with her workplace, the Hyatt condo inn

    plants are left on Tuesday backyard the Sol Tribe tattoo parlor, the place Cardenas and Gunn Maldonado have been killed

    McLeod become shot and killed by means of police shortly after he killed Steck.

    McLeod shot a female officer within the abdomen, but she lower back fire and killed him.

    She become donning physique armor and is anticipated to make a full recovery, observed John Romero, spokesman for Lakewood police.

    Police are yet to formally check a m otive for the rampage, despite the fact a tattoo industry connection appears doubtless.

    The proprietor of a tattoo studio operating from the web site of Flat Black Ink observed he bought the vicinity from Alicia Cardenas.

    Ian Lutz, owner of World Tattoo Studio mentioned he had not ever heard of McLeod earlier than he was identified by using police as the shooter.

    'Yeah, I have no prior abilities of really the background of the store before my possessing it. i know that Alicia owned it and it changed into kind of a secondary Sol Tribe,' Lütz informed u . s . a . these days.

    'that is about all i do know in regards to the background of it.

    'I've had the store for roughly four-and-a-half years now.'

    Denver police referred to McLeod was on their radar in 2020 and 2021, however he turned into certainly not charged.

    He had bought his domestic in Denver round 5 years in the past to Gabriel Thorn, Thorn informed The Denver Gazette. 

    Thorn noted the Denver Police department raided his domestic about a month after he moved in for a 'suspected marijuana develop (McLeod) had been working in this little room in our storage,' he mentioned.

    Paul Pazen, chief of Denver police, would not be drawn on what they knew about McLeod, who he described as having a heritage of extremism.

    'this is not an unknown birthday celebration to us,' Pazen noted.


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