Tupac Shakur's Poem To GF Up for sale, proposal For 'All Eyez On Me' - TMZ

Tupac Shakur wrote a love poem to one of his historical girlfriends back within the day ... it looks to have inspired one among his big hits ... and now it will also be yours if the price is correct!

The folks over at Moments in Time are hawking a handwritten poem Tupac penned to a former flame named Simi ... the story goes this piece of Tupac background impressed his noted "All Eyez on Me."

The poem is titled "All Eye was Lookin 4" ... and or not it's going up on the market for $ninety five,000 ... so this is no low cost holiday present ... if you are still doing all of your break shopping.

The auction apartment says the poem, dated Aug. 26, 1995, ended up in a non-public collection ... and 26 years later it's hitting the market.

BTW ... Tupac's "All Eyez On Me" got here out in 1996 ... so it all tracks.

As you see ... Tupac put his rhyming skills to respectable use in the poem ... telling a narrative of how he fell in love with Simi and the route he hoped their relationship would go.

or not it's not the first time Tupac's opened his heart on paper ... as we suggested, he wrote some steamy love letters as a teen, and once confessed why he dumped Madonna.

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