americans noticed 2021 as 'chaos' and a 'educate damage' however are hopeful about 2022, usa these days/Suffolk ballot shows - us of a nowadays

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Let's hope they are right.

After searching for the words to bring just how awful 2021 was, near half of americans say the one observe that surest describes their mood about 2022 is "hopeful."

The proportion who suppose that method is more than double the less confident alternatives that finished lower on the list. but there is still colossal wariness and weariness about what's coming subsequent.

asked their view of the year forward, respondents in a brand new u . s . today/Suffolk school poll say they're: 

1. Hopeful - forty six%

2. concerned - 19%

three. Exhausted - 18%

virtually half of americans in a new poll say they've hope for 2022, but they're nonetheless cautious about what might possibly be coming.

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At polar opposites are the 8% who say they are "enthusiastic" and the 7% who describe their dominant emotion as "apprehensive."

The survey of 1,000 registered voters, taken by using cellular telephone and landline Dec. 27 to Dec. 30, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent aspects.

In a poll that finds the nation's time-honored fractures over politics and COVID-19, there's overwhelming unity about one element: pretty much all and sundry is glad to look 2021 in the rearview replicate. The handiest debate is over which notice most appropriate describes the yr that battered americans with a pandemic, intense climate and an assault on the Capitol.

among the words volunteered in response to the open-ended query to describe 2021 in a single observe: 

1. lousy/horrific/unhealthy/sucked - 23%

2. Chaos/puzzling/turmoil - 12%

three. difficult/complicated/rough - eleven%

4. catastrophe/coach damage/disaster - 6%

4. (Tied) ok/respectable - 6%

In all, just 14% provided adjectives that have been tremendous, assuming "unique" is a superb aspect. The relaxation selected a lot of versions of bad, from "disaster" and "chaos" to "scary" and "failure."

Then there's the 1% who described 2021 this fashion: "lengthy."

reports of the 12 months:a glance back at the greatest moments of 2021


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