bill Cosby's Former Cellmates still Calling Him for information - TMZ

We understand critics of bill Cosby's overturned conviction would love to see him lower back in penitentiary, however surprisingly ... a bunch of his former cellmates feel the identical way, even though now not for the causes you would feel.

it's now not a rely of jealousy, in keeping with Cosby's rep, Andrew Wyatt ... who tells us Cosby's historic buddies at SCI Phoenix attain out to him about 3 times a week. as a substitute, he says the prisoners are missing their guru, of sorts.

As you recognize ... Cosby was sprung from prison back in June ... anything he most likely celebrated, but his fellow inmates may not have been thrilled.

Wyatt says Cosby had develop into the voice of reason inside the prison walls -- fixing disputes between inmates, allotting guidance and pushing training as a way to improve their lives.

He additionally claims Cosby encouraged them to demonstrate corrections officers and the warden they can be good residents on the interior, and they were ready to do the identical when launched or paroled.

ironically, the disgraced comedian who'd once been referred to as, "the united states's Dad" ... now looks to grasp that title with the inmates at the Pennsylvania State prison.

Wyatt fields lots of the calls from inmates, however says Cosby tries to get on the line as plenty as he can to assert hey occasionally.

whereas Cosby's enjoying his newfound freedom, we're informed his former fellow inmates want him to come back to SCI Phoenix as a motivational speaker.

Wyatt says Cosby's planning anything like that down the street, but for now, he's concentrated on prison battles -- a civil lawsuit, and Pennsylvania's efforts to toss the ruling that freed him. Prosecutors need the U.S. Supreme court docket to listen to the case.

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