Body of Skier Rory Angelotta Missing Since Christmas Found in Suburbs - The Daily Beast

The body of a 43-year-old avid skier who got caught up in a sweeping snow storm over Christmas has been found in an unlikely spot. Roy Angelotta disappeared around 10 p.m. Christmas Eve while skiing at the Northstar California Resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains and was thought to have gone off-piste due to low visibility and bad weather. Hi body was found Saturday about three miles from the resort in a residential area. Law enforcement officials say he was likely trying to find a safe haven from the storm when he collapsed. "It is possible Angelotta was attempting to find the neighborhood near Truckee when he succumbed to the elements," the sheriff's office said, according to NBC News. "There was no indication of any suspicious or unusual activity." An autopsy is scheduled to determine his exact cause of death.

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