'Late nighttime' goes darkish after Seth Meyers assessments tremendous for COVID-19 - new york put up

NBC's "Late night With Seth Meyers" is canceled for the rest of the week after the display's host came down with COVID-19.

Meyers, forty eight, observed Tuesday that he became now not symptomatic and new episodes of the exhibit would air subsequent week, however they wouldn't be taped in Rockefeller center's Studio 8G. Meyers hosted a toned-down version of the reveal in isolation from his in-laws' attic all through the first five months of the pandemic.

"The unhealthy news is, I demonstrated tremendous for COVID (thanks, 2022!) the decent news is, I suppose nice (thanks vaccines and booster!)," Meyers tweeted. "we are canceling the leisure of the shows this week, so tune in next Monday to peer what cool area we are able to are trying and move off as a studio!!!"

The news got here a day after Jimmy Fallon, the host of "The Tonight show," revealed he also had COVID-19 when his exhibit changed into on destroy for the vacations.

The dangerous news is, I confirmed advantageous for COVID (thanks, 2022!) the respectable information is, I feel best (thanks vaccines and booster!) we are canceling the rest of the shows this week, so tune in next Monday to look what cool region we are able to try and circulate off as a studio!!!

— Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) January four, 2022

The spread of the virus in the community's ny headquarters has been no laughing mater for its late night programming currently.

"Saturday evening live" pretty much canceled its Dec. 18 episode after distinctive solid members verified fantastic. It ended up doing a display with handiest two forged individuals, no band, no studio audience and a naked bones crew.

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