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RALEIGH. N.C. (WTVD) -- Heavy rain moves through North Carolina ahead of sharp drop in temperatures, which could bring snow to some areas.

As recent as two days ago, North Carolina was dealing with record heat: Raleigh saw a high if 79 and Fayetteville reached 81 on Jan. 1.

Clouds, rain and gusty wind moved in Sunday. Next, the temperature is going to plummet.

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TIMELINE Several inches of rain have already fallen south of the Triangle and rounds of heavy rain will continue through 8 a.m.

As the storms push toward the coast, severe weather could develop.

Around 9 or 10 in the morning, the cold air will begin to rush into central North Carolina. At this time, much of the rain will likely still be in the area. That collision of rain and freezing temperatures will cause some of the precipitation to freeze.

"A lot of times, by the time the cold air gets here the moisture is gone. But with that low intensifying it's slowing down its progress, so we should be allowed to see that cold air catch this moisture and change it over to some snow. And it could last for a few hours, and it could be the big ole snowflakes that are coming down--and if it's heavy enough we could get a little bit of accumulation," First Alert Meteorologist Steve Stewart said.

The ground remains quite warm because of the record heat just days ago. So much of the ABC11 viewing area will not be dealing with significant accumulation.

Areas in and around the Triangle will likely not see much accumulation at all. Areas north of Durham could see dusting develop, especially on raised surfaces. Areas around the North Carolina-Virginia border could see an inch or so of accumulation.

Wind chills Monday will be brisk! A strong north wind of 15-25 miles per hour, with gusts up to 40 miles per hour, will make it feel like it's in the 20s.

Actual temperatures overnight Monday into Tuesday morning will be in the low 20s.

IMPACT In preparation for the potential weather, Orange County Schools opted to cancel classes and all school-related activities.

"Due to a high potential for a variety of inclement weather situations, including high winds, sleet and snow, all OCS schools and buildings will be closed Monday, January 3, 2022," read a statement from the school district.

Remote learning is also canceled for Orange County Schools on Monday.

No other schools in central North Carolina announced any cancellations for Monday.

Gov. Roy Cooper issued a statement Sunday afternoon urging North Carolinians to stay aware of the local weather forecast and prepare for any expected conditions."It's important to stay informed of changing weather conditions, and to have a way to receive weather alerts," Cooper said. "A little preparation before severe or winter weather arrives can help avoid inconveniences and emergencies later."

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