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RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- it be a question some scientists are taking a deeper look at: nostril or throat -- what is the highest quality approach to do a COVID-19 check? a lady says she swabbed both her nose and throat and bought distinctive results. One noted she has COVID-19. The other says she does not.

Jacklyn Lacey spoke to ABC eleven from her domestic in downstate ny. She's nevertheless getting better from COVID-19.

or not it's been basically 4 weeks when you consider that her initial exposure. but Lacey noted most of the nasal swab, at-home, speedy-outcome COVID-19 tests she has taken got here returned terrible.

"So my companion and i both verified, we antigen-proven terrible. And so, then I verified once more, nasal swab, and it become negative, she mentioned. "I can not really sleep at nighttime because i am thinking i am pretty sure that here's COVID. And it ability it's just not showing up."

Lacey had a sneaking suspicion that the easy-to-use antigen assessments she and so many are the usage of at home to test for COVID had been not choosing up the viral load in her gadget. So she tried once again. This time, no nasal swabbing. in its place, she swabbed saliva from her throat.

"and that is the reason after I received my first wonderful," she talked about. "I failed to get demonstrated until i used to be in an emergency room on Saturday. PCR verify proven."

along with her COVID-19 case validated, Lacey, a fitness anthropologist who reviews virology, stored attempting to match the results at domestic the use of the nasal swab antigen exams.

"i'm a scientist. and that i become like here is a really unlucky circumstance i am in, but at the least i will be able to might be try to determine some statistics to see if what is going on is what I think is occurring."

ABC11 took Lacey's challenge and suspicion to Dr. Thomas Denny, chief working officer at Duke tuition clinical college's Human Vaccine Institute.

"sure, I do consider (nasal swabbing) is effective (at detecting the Omicron variant)," Denny stated. "We must keep in mind that the nasal swabbing approach is a method that the entire testing systems have been validated for. and you should no longer trade an method without going returned and doing a re-validation."

again in ny and still in recuperation from her coronavirus fight, Lacey remains convinced the tips on COVID-19 testing is past due for a change.

"If we can not have faith the testing the right way to get this disease on the aspect in time when it be most infectious, then even once we're making an attempt to do the appropriate component, we cannot offer protection to each and every different," Lacey stated. "To me, this is in reality unhappy. and that is the reason basically scary."

There is a few very early analysis on nasal swabbing vs. throat swabbing. although, the sample dimension is small and the studies have not yet been peer-reviewed. but the early evidence does imply that saliva samples swabbed from the throat produce faster and greater correct outcomes than the antigen nasal swab COVID-19 tests that many americans take at home.

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