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(NEXSTAR) – The newest wave of COVID-19 instances has reached even the furthest corners of the area, now together with Antarctica.

Researchers on the remoted ice continent have begun checking out wonderful for the virus over the last few weeks. On Sunday, the Antarctic file tweeted 16 of the 25 americans stationed at the Belgian Princess Elisabeth Station were infected with the coronavirus.

All situations have been "light," the Antarctic record stated.

"whereas it has been an inconvenience to need to quarantine definite contributors of the personnel who caught the virus, it hasn't enormously affected our work at the station universal," Joseph Cheek, a mission manager at the international Polar foundation, advised the BBC.

one of the vital scientists came to Antarctica from Belgium with a cease in South Africa. the primary advantageous look at various popped up on Dec. 14.

anybody at the Princess Elisabeth Station has been granted an opportunity to leave on a flight scheduled for January 12, however thus far everybody has determined to dwell and continue working, Cheek talked about.

The station requires all and sundry to be vaccinated and look at various terrible before coming to Antarctica, the BBC experiences.

This looks to be most effective the 2d COVID-19 outbreak in Antarctica. The coronavirus pandemic first reached the continent in December 2020. Chile announced that 58 people at defense force bases in Antarctica or on a navy ship that went to the continent had established high-quality for the virus.

These 16 cases in Antarctica make up an awfully small part of the newest surge in coronavirus cases, generally driven by the omicron variant. Johns Hopkins COVID-19 statistics monitoring project has recorded almost 24 million circumstances globally over the last four weeks.

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