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Former White residence chief of team of workers Mark Meadows and Fox's Sean Hannity exchanged greater than 80 textual content messages between Election Day 2020 and Joe Biden's January 2021 inauguration, communications that demonstrate Hannity's evolution from staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump's election lies to being "fed up" with the "lunatics" hurting Trump's trigger within the days earlier than January 6.

CNN bought Meadows' 2,319 textual content messages, which he selectively provided in December to the house committee investigating the January 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol. whereas the logs show Meadows speaking with dissimilar Fox personalities, in addition to a few journalists from different groups, Hannity stands out with eighty two messages. The texts, including dozens of newly disclosed messages, present a real-time window into how Hannity, a detailed friend of Trump, become reacting to the election and its aftermath.

'it is now not good enough': Bash reacts to Hannity's texts to Mark Meadows

during the logs, Hannity both gives suggestions and asks for path, blurring the strains between his Fox demonstrate, his radio show and the Trump White house.

On the afternoon of Election Day, Hannity texted Meadows at 1:36 p.m. to ask about turnout in North Carolina. Two hours later, Meadows responded: "Stress each vote concerns. Get out and vote. On radio."

"sure sir," Hannity responded. "On it. anyplace in particular we need a push."

"Pennsylvania. NC AZ," Meadows wrote, adding: "Nevada."

"got it. far and wide," Hannity referred to.

The texts also reveal the two men debating Trump's method to problem the election, complaining about Fox, and plotting about what to do after Trump left office – together with possibly working collectively.

"You also deserve to spend as a minimum half your time doing business with us," Hannity texted Meadows on December 12. "and i'm critical. Did u ever consult with Fox. I've been at warfare with them."

"I agree. We can make a powerful crew," Meadows responded. "I did not talk with (Fox information CEO) Suzanne (Scott) as a result of I bought tied up with pardons however i will make certain I connect. you are a real patriot and i am so very pleased with you! Your friendship ability a good deal to me."

"Feeling is mutual," Hannity wrote returned.

Hannity did not reply to requests for comment from CNN; neither did Meadows or his lawyer. A spokesman for the January 6 committee declined to remark.

in the beginning after the November 2020 election, Hannity gave the impression to be all in with Trump's false election claims. On November 29, he texted Meadows saying he had his team making an attempt to prove election fraud: "I've had my team digging into the numbers. There isn't any manner Biden acquired these numbers. just mathematically inconceivable. It's so unhappy for this country they can pull this off in 2020. We need an incredible leap forward, a video, anything."

Meadows spoke back, "You're exactly appropriate. engaged on leap forward."

"ok. would be extraordinary," Hannity texted again.

however a number of weeks later, as Trump's team misplaced court challenges and the wild claims from attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell didn't materialize into the rest greater than false conspiracy theories, Hannity's tone shifted.

Hannity checked in with Meadows on December 22, asking him how he turned into doing.

"fighting like crazy. Went to Cobb county to overview process. Very challenging days however i will retain combating," Meadows referred to, relating to the Trump group's objections to votes from Cobb County, Georgia.

while Hannity by no means looked as if it would dispute Trump's false claims about the election itself, he expressed alarm on the strategies of a few of these pushing Trump's case. Hannity answered to Meadows, "You combating is pleasant. The fing lunatics is not pleasant. They are not helping him. I'm uninterested with those people."

via New year's Eve, Hannity warned about the fallout if suitable White residence lawyers resigned in protest. Hannity also gave the impression to accept the proven fact that the election became over and the President's most advantageous course of action was to head to Florida and interact Biden from there.

"we are able to't lose the complete WH counsels workplace. I don't see January 6 occurring the style he's being informed," Hannity mentioned. "After the 6 th. He may still announce will lead the nationwide effort to reform vote casting integrity. Go to Fl and watch Joe mess up every day. reside engaged. When he speaks individuals will pay attention."

Hannity's textual content messages to Meadows are of interest to the condominium opt for committee, which wrote to Hannity in January requesting an interview. That month, the panel released a few of Hannity's texts to Meadows showing his situation about what would ensue on January 6, 2021.

After the letter turned into despatched, Hannity's attorney, Jay Sekulow, informed CNN, "we're reviewing the committee's letter and should reply as appropriate."

The texts give facts of what many White residence and Fox sources claimed right through Trump's time in office: That Hannity acted as a "shadow chief of body of workers" whereas additionally juggling radio and television suggests. Trump would commonly call into Hannity's demonstrate – and Hannity regarded on stage with the President right through his ultimate 2018 crusade rally.

whereas Hannity changed into fiercely loyal to Trump on-air, his off-air relationship changed into extra advanced. He once in a while complained about Trump's behavior and fretted that the President become hurting the Republican party writ gigantic.

See what Hannity referred to on his exhibit vs. what he pointed out privately about Jan. 6

Hannity has pointed out he isn't a journalist, and Fox does not hold him to natural journalistic specifications. he is more akin to a GOP activist and entertainer, like a few of his fellow Fox hosts. in addition to Hannity, Fox's Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Maria Bartiromo and Brian Kilmeade all despatched messages to Meadows as neatly.

A spokesperson for Fox didn't respond to a request for comment.

in one noteworthy textual content, Bartiromo messaged Meadows on the morning of November 29, below an hour earlier than she changed into set to behavior Trump's first interview on the grounds that Election Day. The text covered questions she planned to ask Trump.

"hello the public desires to understand he will combat this. They need to hear a path to victory. & he's in control," Bartiromo texted at 9:21 a.m. "1Q You've talked about repeatedly THIS ELECTION IS RIGGED… And the records are in your aspect. Let's beginning there. What are the data? characterize what took location here. Then i will drill down on the fraud including the statistical impossibilities of Biden magic (federalist). Pls be certain he doesn't go off on tangents. We need to comprehend he's powerful he's a fighter & he'll win. this is no longer about him. here's about ????. i'll ask him about big tech & media influencing ejection as well towards end I'll get to GA runoffs & then vaccines."

At 10:12 a.m., Trump called into Bartiromo's demonstrate, "Sunday Morning Futures." Her line of questions mirrored an awful lot of what she laid out in the text message.

"thank you for speaking with us within the first interview considering the fact that Election Day," Bartiromo talked about. "Mr President, you've said again and again that this election was rigged, that there turned into a great deal fraud. And the facts are to your side. Let's delivery there. Please go in the course of the information. represent what took vicinity."

The committee previously released texts from both Kilmeade and Ingraham expressing alarm over the attacks on the Capitol and its impact on Trump's legacy. Tucker Carlson seems in precisely one change in the Meadows textual content logs, when he changed into attempting to communicate to Meadows whereas prepping for his demonstrate on November 17.

"Sorry I neglected you. i used to be writing the display. Figured it out I feel, but I appreciate it," Carlson wrote.

The logs additionally display there were dozens of journalists from different companies who texted with Meadows throughout this time period. In distinction to Hannity's messages, these journalists had been often in search of the White residence chief of body of workers's affirmation of breaking news or making an attempt to comfy an interview with Trump.

Meadows received texts from journalists with the manhattan instances, Washington publish, Wall road Journal, linked Press, Politico, Bloomberg, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, among others.

as the returns had been coming in on Election night, Hannity pinged Meadows to share a tweet about early vote totals out of North Carolina, a state that became essential to Trump's reelection hopes. "Will we hold??" Hannity requested Meadows.

"we're still respectable," Meadows wrote lower back.

per week later, Hannity checked in once again to see how Meadows changed into "maintaining up."

"i'm doing neatly. Working across the clock. we are going to fight and win," Meadows observed.

"You truly believe it's possible," Hannity replied. "I'm starting to feel down. To (sic) a great deal disorganization. We need Jim to front the messaging. somebody that's credible."

"Arizona now down just 12813. nonetheless ballots to count number," Meadows wrote again. "Very disorganized however I even have been busting heads the day prior to this and nowadays. Let not your coronary heart be afflicted my chum."

Hannity and Meadows' texts underscore the insular effects of the correct-wing media echo chamber, where little if any correct counsel concerning the election outcomes changed into in a position to ruin via.

In November and early December, Hannity's show often amplified Trump's election lies. visitors together with then-White apartment press secretary Kayleigh McEnany made near-nightly appearances to sow doubt about the election consequences and stoke support for doomed felony challenges. "we are able to observe the statistics," Hannity claimed on his December 2 program, one day after Trump's legal professional usual, William Barr, declared there became no proof of common election fraud.

but in his texts with Meadows, Hannity sounded resigned to the proven fact that the election become over.

"Texas case is very mighty. nevertheless a Herculean climb. everybody is aware of it changed into stolen. everybody," Hannity wrote on December eight. "I vacillate between mad as hell and sad as hell. Wtf took place to our country Mark."

Meadows spoke back, "So upset to look what we allowed to occur."

"honestly we consider alike. That's a further discussion," Hannity wrote lower back.

The text messages additionally shed easy on Hannity's tensions with Fox. The Trump-aligned channel infuriated the previous President through calling Arizona for Biden on Election night.

On December 6, Meadows despatched Hannity an editorial about then-Fox host Chris Wallace (who has seeing that been hired by CNN) interrupting Trump's HHS Secretary Alex Azar when Azar known as Biden vice chairman as an alternative of president-opt for.

"Doing this to try and get rankings will now not work in the end and i am doubtful it is even a short time period profitable strategy," Meadows wrote.

Hannity responded with a jab at Fox and a suggestion about what Meadows should do after leaving the White apartment: "I've been at struggle with all of them week. we can speak wen I see u," Hannity wrote. "also if this doesn't end the style we need, you me and Jay are doing 3 things collectively. 1- Directing prison techniques vs Biden 2- NC precise estate three- different business I talked to Rudy. Thx for assisting him."

Hannity expressed his frustrations once more a couple of days later, telling Meadows that he had made a crusade ad.

"i was screaming about no adverts from Labor Day on," Hannity wrote on December 8. "I made my own they in no way ran it. I'm now not pointing fingers. I'm frustrated."

In his ebook, "Frankly, We Did Win This Election," reporter Michael Bender stated that Hannity had scripted an advert for the Trump campaign, which then paid Fox greater than $1 million to run. in keeping with Bender, the advert ran simplest on one display, Hannity's. When Bender's booklet was published closing 12 months, Hannity denied writing a Trump crusade ad.

On December 11, Meadows asked Hannity to ship him the mobilephone variety of Suzanne Scott, the Fox news CEO. "i can call through switchboard however that makes it an even bigger deal," Meadows referred to.

tomorrow, as Hannity pitched Meadows about working for Fox, he additionally offered an insightful window into how he views Trump. Hannity texted, "I actually think sorry for our pal. He's certainly not had a days peace. On the other aspect of this, he's exposed a very dark aspect of the swamp that's a ways worse than I ever imagined and i am now not certainly confident for the future."

through mid-December, both Hannity and Meadows have been involved in regards to the two Senate run-offs in Georgia that might decide handle of the chamber in 2021. by using that element, Trump had begun his harsh assaults on Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for certifying the state's election for Biden.

Hannity and Meadows additionally began planning for after the Trump administration, discussing how Trump may trend a comeback bid and the way Meadows could work towards the Biden administration.

"These 2 senate seats are slipping away. Kemp is a complete idiot," Hannity wrote on December 12.

Hannity argued that Trump should still make the Senate race about him.

"He has to make this about him. I'll make a take care of you, in case you (opt for) 2 R's to the senate, I'll run once more in 2024," Hannity wrote of Trump. "Make it about him. 2 of the worst candidates I've ever viewed."

"The seats are slipping away," Meadows replied. "I agree that he has to supply some hope for the longer term. connect the longer term to these candidates."

Meadows persevered, "moreover. I believe we install a gaggle of administrative lawyers, with a communication arm that fights election legal guidelines in each state and combat Biden moves daily, starting on Jan 20. ACLU filed over four hundred court cases against Trump administration. We should do the identical. I feel i can raise around 10 million dollars to rent a group to make sure the combat continues and prepares the manner for 2024."

As January 6 approached, Hannity expressed his situation about what would transpire. He texted Meadows on January 5, "Im very concerned in regards to the next forty eight hours. Pence drive. WH advice will go away."

On January 6, after the Capitol changed into breached with the aid of professional-Trump rioters, Hannity turned into one among a few people texting Meadows urging Trump to intervene. "Can he make a statement. I noticed the tweet. Ask people to peacefully go away the capital," Hannity texted Meadows at 3:31 p.m.

"On it," Meadows spoke back.

Later that night, after Trump had sent one other tweet attacking vice chairman Mike Pence, Hannity expressed extra alarm to Meadows, "Wth (What the hell) is occurring with VPOTUS."

in the January 6 aftermath, Hannity sounded a glum notice to Meadows as many Republicans seemed to solid Trump out of the birthday party. Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell gave a ground speech on January 19 asserting the mob become "provoked" with the aid of Trump, prompting Hannity to share the video with Meadows. "well here is as bad as this may get," Hannity texted.

Hannity spoke to Trump a few days after January 6. The call did not go smartly, Hannity wrote in a bunch textual content to Meadows and GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Hannity noted he wanted Trump never to talk concerning the 2020 election once again, but that Trump turned into unwilling, and Hannity regarded at a loss for what to do subsequent.

"Guys, we've a clear path to land the aircraft in 9 days. He can't point out the election again. Ever," Hannity wrote. "I did not have a very good name with him today. And worse, I'm now not sure what's left to do or say, and i don't like not understanding if it's in fact understood. ideas?"

Neither Meadows nor Jordan looked as if it would reply.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to appropriately mirror the reporting in Michael Bender's booklet, "Frankly, We Did Win This Election," related to an ad Hannity scripted for the Trump crusade. Bender suggested that the ad ran only on one reveal on Fox, Hannity's.

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