dangerous Pursuit Ends in South LA After Driver Did Donuts around Chinatown - NBC Southern California

a deadly pursuit of a black sedan on Thursday nighttime came to an conclusion in South los angeles after a driver led police throughout the LA area, doing donuts and using inconsistently.

The pursuit started in the Glendale area and right now ended up in Chinatown where the driver repeatedly did donuts on the intersection of East Caesar E. Chavez Avenue and Alameda highway.

the driver stayed around the same areas of Chinatown, Boyle Heights and East los angeles.

for almost all of the pursuit, the motive force became on surface streets but then obtained onto the eastbound 10 expressway and the eastbound 60 freeway earlier than exiting once more onto streets.

all through the pursuit, the driving force was turning his hazard lights on and flashing his lights.

the motive force picked up speed through slender residential streets in Leimert Park where officers tried a PIT maneuver.

The PIT maneuver was unsuccessful and the motive force endured on dragging the bumper behind them.


local information from across Southern California

CHP officers were able to find the driver's domestic and get involved with their family.

the driving force ended up riding lower back to their domestic, the place the family unit and officers have been already anticipating them.

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