Hollywood Brown acknowledges he requested for a change, and that Lamar Jackson knew about it - NBC sports

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson acted surprised that the Ravens traded receiver Hollywood Brown final night. Jackson shouldn't have been.

Brown informed i am Athlete Tonight on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio that he did certainly ask for a trade, and that Jackson did certainly recognize.

"It became just . . . my happiness," Brown mentioned. "I talked to Lamar about it after my second yr. after which after my third year, leading up to the end of the season, you be aware of, he wasn't enjoying. I let him recognize once more, like, 'Yeah, bro, i will't do it.' You be aware of, it's not in fact on Lamar, like i really like Lamar. It was just, you understand, it's simply the system simply wasn't for me in my opinion. You be aware of, i really like all my teammates. i love the fellows. It become simply anything I needed to think about for myself."

So why did Lamar act shocked about the circulate, and why did Lamar seem to be upset that the Ravens did it? however Brown talked about he loves Lamar, Brown talked about it all when he uttered the phrases, "The gadget simply wasn't for me."

That device is Lamar Jackson. It's developed round Jackson. It's now not conducive to receivers generating big numbers.

A rejection of the equipment is a rejection of Jackson, no be counted what Brown or anybody else says.

It's one of the crucial explanation why the Ravens have a hard time attracting receivers via free agency. They should draft them. after which they might also should change them.

That should be the case unless and except they trade the equipment. On one hand, it's constructive to not do whatever everyone else does; it places further pressure on opposing defenses who don't face that kind of system on an everyday groundwork.

on the other hand, if what a given team is doing de-emphasizes one particular offensive position, the players who play that place will eventually are looking to play elsewhere.

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