Megan Thee Stallion Debuts New track at Coachella, aimed toward Tory Lanez? - TMZ

Megan Thee Stallion might be taking a page out of Tory Lanez's ebook -- she appears to have addressed their criminal fight/previous relationship in track ... and she or he did it at Coachella.

The MC performed Saturday in Indio, and at one element all the way through her set ... she took to a second to debut a brand new tune, whereas additionally pertaining to its magnitude to her as talked to the group. and she or he did it in no longer-so-delicate terms both, despite the fact kept away from naming names.

Meg says, "This track is awfully mf'ing own to me, and or not it's to whom the f*** it may well concern -- and that i in reality suppose like my girls with f*** with me on this one," telling the DJ to drop it.

hearken to it for yourself ... it's all about Meg dissing dudes she used to debris with, and merchandising the conception she's unbiased, etc. Empowering stuff, no doubt, and while it may well be directed at anyone ... or not it's challenging to shake the sensation this can be aimed at Tory too.

The intent we are saying that ... there's a telling lyric in there about how "d*** don't run me," and naturally -- Tory himself used that very equal term now not too long in the past on Twitter, which landed him in situation with a judge, albeit temporarily.

you'll do not forget, TL cautioned he was drowsing with each Megan and her chum (the different woman in the motor vehicle) and that is the reason what he apologized for ... now not for taking pictures her in the ft.

earlier this month, Tory turned into briefly remanded into custody for this tweet ... a decide found he changed into ultimately talking to Megan, which violates her protecting order towards him as their case performs out. Tory become sprung the same day, although, and went on to drop a brand new music/music video inside seventy two hours of bailing out -- once again, apparently addressing the sitch.

Now, it seems like Meg's taking the narrative lower back into her personal palms ... and on the biggest of stages, no much less. No note what the identify of this new tune is, or when it formally drops.

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