Travis Scott criminal group Rips Creators of Astroworld Doc, call it funds grab - TMZ

Travis Scott's felony crew is popping out swinging towards the creators of a documentary that takes goal at the tragic routine of the Astroworld song competition ... calling it a pathetic funds grab.

The "propaganda piece," as Scott's attorneys have dubbed it, is called "live performance Crush: The Travis Scott competition Tragedy" and is decided to start screening in Texas on Friday.

The film's director, Charlie Minn, instructed the AP the challenge is rarely intended to be a hit piece towards Travis, however quite a recounting of the devastation from that day.

naturally, that is now not what Travis' team thinks, calling it a, "... farce financed with the aid of and containing content material from contributors of the plaintiff's criminal groups, who, weeks after a tragedy, sought to take advantage of and improvement financially from it, with the clear dreams of creating cash and swaying future juries and public opinion."

They also go in on Minn, asserting, "or not it's a earnings play and a publicity stunt, with no guide from the film business, no distribution, and from a director and not using a appreciate from his container who has been termed a "trauma pornographer."

For what it be value, Minn has been critical of Travis' actions right through the pageant during the past, telling the Houston Press, "I consider he'd be a lot more frightened if he didn't be aware of the mayor and police chief. The police had the entire authority to stop things, and the show should have been stopped by the third track. It changed into a dangerous, evil shaggy dog story."

The documentary elements a couple of concertgoers from that day, most blaming Travis for no longer seeing what became going on in the crowd.

TMZ broke the story, several Houston cops have been considered staring at Travis and Drake operate whereas issues received worse in the crowd -- interestingly unaware of the severity of what was happening.

As we pronounced, 10 people died from "compression asphyxia" because of the activities at Astroworld. The investigation continues as to who or what became answerable for the deaths ... but a number of complaints have pointed the finger at Travis and promoter live Nation.

Travis has no longer carried out on a big stage considering, however is decided to headline Primavera Sound and numerous U.S. gala's -- to be introduced -- in the next yr.

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