Authorities made a key discovery of their search for the lacking Alabama officer and inmate. It led to greater questions - CNN

It ability both drove roughly two hours north to Williamson County, Tennessee, after disappearing from a county jail in Florence, Alabama, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton spoke of throughout a Friday news conference.

however authorities recognize little about what came after that.

"We recognize now the place the vehicle is, we recognize what route they went," the sheriff talked about. "We're trying to canvass the enviornment for any witnesses, additionally trying to analysis, see if any stolen cars were reported in that area throughout that time."

Authorities believe the automobile can also have had mechanical problems which triggered the abrupt cease in the area. but the sheriff noted investigators do not yet recognize if the pair stole yet another automobile, or received a journey with someone else and where they can also have headed.

"We're form of back to square one," he spoke of. "After Friday afternoon, after they deserted that vehicle, which path they went from there, we don't know."

Vicky White, 56, and Casey White, 38, have now been missing for greater than every week. both, who officers say may also have had a romantic relationship, aren't connected.

Corrections officer using aliases

Vicky White, who turned into an assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County, took Casey White from the county jail Friday morning, asserting she changed into taking him for a mental health assessment. She talked about she became going to get scientific care after shedding the inmate off because she wasn't feeling neatly.

both haven't been seen given that. The patrol automobile the officer and inmate took from the reformatory changed into discovered deserted in a shopping center car parking zone. Authorities trust the pair left the lot in a different vehicle: the 2007 Ford SUV Vicky White bought and parked there the nighttime earlier than, Singleton in the past stated.

 There appeared to be an attempt to spray paint the orange Ford vehicle that authorities found, the sheriff said.

 There appeared to be an attempt to spray paint the orange Ford vehicle that authorities found, the sheriff said.

There seemed to be an try to spray paint the orange Ford automobile that authorities found, the sheriff talked about.

The pair knew each other because at the least 2020 and had developed a romantic relationship, the sheriff advised CNN earlier this week. ahead of their disappearance, Vicky White had introduced plans to retire and bought her domestic for a price smartly under market price.

She now has an active arrest warrant for allegedly permitting or facilitating break out within the first degree. She is no longer employed by means of the sheriff's workplace, the workplace stated, including while Friday became her ultimate day of labor, her papers were in no way finalized. Her penal complex keys, radio and handcuffs were discovered inside the deserted SUV.

Investigators consider Vicky White had a huge sum of money when the pair vanished, Singleton stated Friday, including authorities are working to find out more details.

"Her advantage of corrections and her expertise of the tactics that we use here on the sheriff's office most basically played to her competencies. I suppose this became a extremely smartly-notion-out plan," Singleton observed during Friday's information convention.

"Her expertise variety of put us ... at a loss," the sheriff delivered. "it's a extremely calculated plan."

Vicky White also has used aliases, the sheriff introduced, including for buying the vehicle. "i'm assuming she's likely ditched these aliases and doubtless obtained some new identities now."

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The pair should be regarded bad and can be armed with weapons together with an AR-15 rifle, handguns and a shotgun, the us Marshals carrier said.

The agency spoke of Casey White threatened his ex-lady friend and her sister in 2015 if he ever obtained out, "he would kill them and he wanted police to kill him." Authorities have warned the inmate's "capabilities targets" and brought measures to give protection to them, the Marshals provider spoke of.

The carrier additionally released a number of photographs of Casey White and his tattoos in addition to photograph renderings of what Vicky White, who changed into blonde when she vanished, would look like with darker and shorter hair.

The company is providing as much as $10,000 for counsel resulting in the seize of the inmate and as much as $5,000 for the officer.

On Friday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey introduced extra rewards of $5,000 each and every for tips leading to the catch and arrest of Vicky White and Casey Wh ite.

When asked Friday what he would say to Vicky White if she could hear him, the sheriff pointed out, "You recognize we're going to discover you. with a bit of luck we locate you protected."

"if you're secure at this time, nonetheless protected, get out while that you would be able to and switch your self in to local authorities, anyplace you're at," Singleton talked about.

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