Britney Spears calls for Jamie Spears take a seat for Deposition - TMZ

Britney Spears says her dad has been ducking for cover so he would not ought to take a seat for a deposition, detailing his behavior in the conservatorship case, but now her lawyer says they are calling Jamie's bluff.

Jamie has pointed out he would sit down for a depo, but simplest in Kentwood, Louisiana. Britney's legal professional, Mathew Rosengart, says in criminal docs, he'll gladly fly to Kentwood to position Jamie beneath oath.

Rosengart says in new criminal medical doctors, received through TMZ, that Jamie has been skirting the dep. for greater than 5 months, and he thinks for good intent. Rosengart claims he can prove Jamie became operating "a corrupted and conflicted conservatorship that stripped his daughter of certain basic liberties," including Jamie enriched himself to the tune of at least $6.three million and paid quite a few individuals involved within the conservatorship tens of millions of dollars extra.

Rosengart goes on to claim Jamie "continues to harass and bully Britney Spears through, among other issues, failing to cooperate together with his discovery ... and basically noticing his daughter's deposition, while he hides from answering fundamental deposition questions."

TMZ broke the story ... Jamie needs Britney beneath oath to problem her allegations.

BTW ... Rosengart says Kentwood is an alternative for him, but he is inclined to fly to any metropolis within the U.S. to place Jamie below oath.

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