Chrishell from "selling sunset" is Queer, courting Nonbinary Musician -

Netflix's selling sundown is a portal into a world of glitz, glam, and most currently, woman boss vegan empanadas. It's an opportunity to do what I do choicest: imagine I'm rich and tall while screaming "WE'RE IN ESCROW!!" and "WE want THE COMPS!!" across the apartment to my girlfriend. however speakme of my female friend, perhaps essentially the most epic moment of the season came today, on may 6 within the year two thousand and twenty-two, when fan favourite Chrishell Stause established that she is dating non-binary Australian musician G Flip, famous for making loads of song, but namely a music referred to as homosexual four ME!!!

these of us who had been understandably paying extremely shut attention to Chrishell's Instagram recreation were curious about this circumstance for some time. exhibits A-C:

An Instagram post from G Flip, happily reclining

smartly, G Flip, may still she???

An Instagram from G Flip, promoting their song GAY 4 ME

On repeat, Chrishell??? ON REPEAT???

An Instagram from G Flip, looking happy and wishing everyone a happy Mardi Gras

Fiery hearts, simply gal friend stuff

"I lately have been spending a lot of time with somebody that somebody's very vital to me," Chrishell told host Tan France close the conclusion of the selling sundown reunion on Netflix. "Their identify is G-Flip, they're non-binary so they go by way of they/them and they're an exceedingly proficient musician and it started because i used to be simply gonna be of their video." moreover, she asserted that G-Flip is a "rock superstar" who is "living a rock celebrity life."

When Tan asked why she'd been hesitant to be open about her relationship, she advised him: "I believe i was likely as stunned as anyone. Nothing's basically changed for me, I'm still definitely interested in masculine energy and a superb human. I hear people focus on these items and that they're like I knew from a younger age. but that's not me. I'm just — I'm very open to first rate power. I don't be aware of what my future holds, but it is a sophisticated difficulty to talk about. Even now I'm worried… but at the end of the day, I'm so happy and so if that angers somebody, then that's now not definitely my issue."

Tan then proclaims that it's 2022 and he or she can date whoever she needs! thanks Tan.

In Season five of promoting sundown, the highs had been excessive (a lot of these mansions in LA seem like on tremendous stilts, which are themselves on big hills) and the lows had been low (discussions of whomst is bullying whomst were had). Chrishell spent most of Season 5 courting Jason Oppenheim, which turned into filled with drama because he is one of the crucial founders of marketing sunset's titular real estate brokerage, The Oppenheim neighborhood. (It changed into additionally dramatic since it meant that we watched Chrishell, more than once, rub his bald head.) however they referred to as it quits at the end of the season — curiously opening the door for Chrishell to look to gayer pastures!

honestly, we are very chuffed for Chrishell. What does this suggest for intriguingly alliterative promoting sundown Season Six, a.okay.a. The Sapphic Season of Scissoring? Who knows!! No be counted what, we're excited. Can't you just image it: ​​Chrishell dishing to Emma about her scorching gay intercourse, over a porcelain plate of vegan empanadas in a ten million greenback residence in a nearby I've certainly not heard of. I, for one, cannot wait.

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