Elon Musk triggers liberals with tweet on ‘Biden’s mistake’: ‘Proof being rich doesn’t make you wise’ - Fox news

FILE picture: Tesla Inc. founder Elon Musk speaks in Hawthorne, California, U.S. December 18, 2018.  (Robyn Beck/Pool by the use of REUTERS//File image)

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Elon Musk's tweet on how President Joe Biden become elected compared to how he is governing brought about a large uproar among Twitter leftists this week.

the area's richest man gave his assessment on the latest commander-in-chief's boring presidential crusade, knocking Biden and his administration for acting as in the event that they had a mandate to alternate the country.

On Thursday evening Musk tweeted, "Biden's mistake is that he thinks he was elected to seriously change the nation, but basically all and sundry just desired much less drama." 

Elon Musk gives brutal assessment of Biden presidency on Twitter.


As of Friday afternoon, the post had received nearly 900,000 likes. despite the fact, liberals on Twitter didn't respect Musk's remark. 

"Joe Biden's center-right systems could look very left wing to a billionaire fascist," spoke back comic Walter Masterson in the feedback, apparently below the influence that Joe Biden has ruled as a moderate.

manhattan times opinion creator Kara Swisher mocked Musk, tweeting, "Elon's mistake is that he thinks he's the Chosen One* to transform the Twitter, however truly everybody simply wanted more drama."

NYT opinion writer blasts Musk for slamming Biden on Twitter.

"Gee thanks for telling us what 'each person' wants . . . however do not you have other things to do?" journalist Brian Karem asked. His tweet endured, "I mean in case you've received time to your arms and all that money why don't you feed the bad, pay off some school personal loan debt, put money into training or something more useful."

creator John Pavlovitz wrote, "Elon's mistake is pondering that all that funds makes him pleasing or insightful."


Predator and The Mandalorian actor Carl Weathers offered some meals for idea for Musk, tweeting, "@elonmusk I, for one, now not simplest want transformation and fewer drama but additionally extra compassion and less negativity. #BePeace."

"it's like Elon become in a coma right through the entire election," wrote The young Turks co-host John Iadarola.

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo's chief-of-workforce, Lindsey Boylan, mentioned, "Elon's mistake is considering that we want his tackle politics and existence. follow your computer systems inner the shells of cars funded with subsidies from the very governments you lambast."

Former Cuomo chief-of-staff slams Musk's tweet towards Biden.

LeverNews founder David Sirota tried to Musk on what Democrat voters wanted in 2020 along with his own tweet. He wrote, "My dude, for non-billionaires 'less drama' potential being in a position to now not fret so a whole lot about getting overwhelmed by health care charges, medicine charges, scholar debt, low wages, climate mess ups and govt-subsidized oligarchs pillaging every thing."

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student debt activist Melissa Byrne tweeted, "What Elon means is that he misses Apartheid time in [South Africa] and desires americans knew their region and to close up and not bitch."

"where is the mind during this tweet?! Proof that being rich doesn't make you smart," tweeted British journalist Anthony Davis. 

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