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So, how did the Pearsons' story end?

foolish! if you've been staring at here is Us for the previous six seasons, you already know the answer: The Pearsons' story will never conclusion! in any case, as Kevin told us in Season 1, "I suppose that's perhaps the factor of the entire factor. There's no dying. There's no you, or me, or them… it's simply us. And this sloppy, wild, colorful, magical factor that has no beginning, no conclusion, that's correct right here? I think it's us."

The NBC drama's collection finale serves as a quiet epilogue to its attractive penultimate episode, "The train," which witnessed the demise of Pearson matriarch Rebecca. together, the two installments serve as a really becoming ship-off for a show that stayed proper to itself all through its six-season run.

And devoid of additional ado, let's evaluation what occurs in "Us." (and make sure to take a look at our post mortem chat with sequence creator Dan Fogelman, as well as a breakdown of the demonstrate's final flash-ahead.)

HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND | In a flashback, Rebecca is drowsing on a Saturday morning, and Jack is staring at her. He notices a scar below her eyebrow that he's in no way viewed before; she says she's had it considering the fact that she changed into a toddler, and it tends to become greater well known when she's had some sun. She sleepily tells him about how, when she was little, her father used to take her to a playground and push her on the swings. one day, his watch unintentionally made contact along with her face as she grew to become her head, leaving the reduce that would develop into the scar. She muses that being pushed in that swing with the aid of her dad "became my favourite element in the total world," but that she often discovered it complicated to be existing, as a result of she'd get preoccupied about once they'd ought to stop and go domestic. "I in reality hope that I had spent more time appreciating it when it changed into all occurring rather than wor rying about when it would end," she says softly.

When she's done reminiscing, they realize that they have a very infrequent, completely dedication-free Saturday ahead of them. "What should still we do?" she wonders. "Nothing," Jack says. "Nothing sounds so pleasant!," she replies fortunately.

Then, we get a montage of Jack and Rebecca pushing the fundamental-college-age big Three on swings, followed by way of Randall and Beth with Tess and Annie on swings, and Kate and Toby with little Jack on swings, and Rockstar Jack (aka Jack Damon, all grown up) and Lucy pushing their daughter, Hope, on a swing. notwithstanding we don't are aware of it at the time, this is the flash-ahead-satisfied sequence' ultimate peek into the long run.

SLOWING all of it DOWN | At breakfast, despite the fact, Jack and Rebecca's joy at a free day is met with apathy from Kevin and Randall. Kate comes up with the theory of playing Foursquare and drawing on the driveway with chalk, which they do for a while, but then rain interferes with the outdoor plans. earlier than the Pearsons circulation interior to monitor historical family unit movies, Jack notices Kate sitting on the entrance porch, wistfully staring out into the storm. She says she needs she might simply slow lifestyles down, and he agrees.

inner, Kev barely lasts 5 minutes earlier than he's stomping out of the room in a huff; Randall, too, doesn't look tremendous into watching photos of The massive Three as toddlers. Rebecca follows Kevin upstairs and susses out that he's really upset as a result of he couldn't do a pull-up within the President's physical fitness test. (side word: Full transparency right here — these 4 words nevertheless strike horror in my sedentary-as-a-kid heart.) Rebecca bucks him up by using telling him that it's ok if now not everything in life comes with ease, and that the large victories will be extra special "for those who must work a bit more durable for them." Then Kevin, in a infrequent second of now not being a pain within the tush, tells his mom she's respectable at this form of pep speak. It pleases her.

in the meantime, Jack assessments in on Randall, who right away confesses that his extracurricular adventure didn't get cancelled — the total reason the Pearsons wound up with a free day — but that he lied to get out of it as a result of he received suspended for retaliating when his fellow Mathletes were calling him "Fuzz," making enjoyable of the pretty much nonexistent hair on his higher lip. Jack realizes that Randall is punishing himself worse than he or Rebecca ever could, so as a substitute he takes a different tack and asks his son if he desires to learn the way to shave.

this-is-us-finale-recap-season-6-episode-18eventually, Kevin joins in. as the boys lather up and gingerly scrape their baby faces, Jack starts talking about how the primary half of your life, you need to be older. however in the event you're older, all you wish to do is gradual issues down. Randall and Kevin tell him he's being weird. "at some point you'll get it," Jack says. When they arrive downstairs, displaying off their new, manly mugs, they join Kate in enjoying Pin the Tail on the Donkey. after which, in the last FLASHBACK EVER, we go returned to the second when the children have been infants, and Rebecca and Jack saw the game on the shelf in the toy store. Rebecca is struck with the aid of the racial range of the children on the cowl ("probably there's a different family unit available like ours"), and she or he calls for that they buy it, as a result of "When the realm puts whatever this obtrusive in front of you, you don't just stroll faraway from it." He relents, but sighs that they're not going to make use of it an awful lot.  (Heh.)

this-is-us-finale-recap-season-6-episode-18EULOGIES AND DEEP-FRIED OREOS | within the current, on the morning of Rebecca's funeral, Randall hasn't been able to prepare much within the method of remarks aside from "mother changed into magic. mom become…" nonetheless, he continues to Beth, he'll be nice. She doesn't accept as true with him. "I believe we need to bang out a Worst-Case situation," she says, ribbing him a few future during which he feels the sho uld purchase an RV and/or trip to Puerto Rico to move swimming "with Miguel's tremendous-grandmama's ghost."

Randall chuckles and reassures her that he's as it should be unhappy, but he's looking forward to their "quiet subsequent chapter." Then she asks him a apparently odd question about deep-fried Oreos, however we'll get returned to that in a moment.


outdoor Kevin's apartment, the young cousins play Foursquare as Kate watches. Toby finds her, asks permission to go ex-husband strains (does he do that every time they talk?), then says that Rebecca was/he's "extraordinarily proud of you." Then he provides that he loves her, and that notwithstanding their marriage didn't go the space, he'd do it all over once again. Later, at the church, we watch Nicky — in very Nicky trend — tell Kevin that the moment he confirmed up at his trailer become the second he began caring about living again. "You definitely effed up my lifestyles, youngster," he jokes.

Rebecca's funeral takes region, and all three of her infants speak, although the manner the episode is edited capacity that we don't hear what they say. in a while, again at Kevin's compound, Randall's daughters discover him sitting on the cabin's entrance steps, and they ask yourself if he's ok. He changed into up all evening writing his eulogy, he says, a little dazed, "and that i can't remember a single thing I talked about." What's extra, he's realizing that he involved about losing Rebecca his whole life, "and now she's gone." All in all, he provides, it just feels pointless.

this-is-us-finale-recap-season-6-episode-18-A vibrant SPOT | Annie and Tess make a decision to provide Déja some alone time with their father; of path, she says exactly the appropriate thing. "It's not pointless, Dad. hiya, you'll be a grandfather, be aware?" but that simply makes him reminisce concerning the morning he and William left for their go back and forth to Memphis in Season 1. We watch as William says goodbye to Tess and Annie (they are little ones here!), then reflects in the hallway outdoor the girls' room about how being a grandparent is ironic: you've got "unconditional, convenient, pure love" for a person whose lifestyles you likely won't share for lengthy. He wonders how a great deal Randall's women will remember about him after he's long gone. "a lot," Randall says. (side observe: Nope, that's now not CGI at work in this footage; the scene became shot years in the past, became in no way used, and became trotted out for the finale.) also: Of all the smooth moments during this episode, William's speech and Randall's reply turned into the one that hit me hardest.

On the porch steps, Déja happily declares that her child is a boy. "You're going to have a grandson," she says, asking if it's good enough if she and Malik name the kid William. "Your grandson is going to be named after a man I in no way met, but i know him, because i know you," she says. So clever, that one! Randall, who has been leaking tears continuously all the way through the episode, now bursts out in satisfied ones and leaps to his toes to rejoice the coming near near arrival of an extra male in his very feminine-filled lifestyles. God, Sterling ok. Brown is a present.

WHAT'S subsequent? | "you have got a creepy glow about you," Kevin tells his brother when he and Kate be a part of him on the cabin's steps later. It's proper, too, however Randall doesn't quit Déja's large information. They ramble about what they're going to do now; Kate says they'll go on doing what Rebecca desired them to do, residing huge lives full of intention. for example, she's going to open up loads of music schools for visually impaired children. Kev is going to focal point on his nonprofit and "be home more. i love my home. It took me a very long time to get it."

And Randall? The Democratic national Committee wishes him to make an appearance on the Iowa State fair (therefore the deep fried Oreos issue previous), a common precursor to a formally announced run for president of the USA. If Beth is on board, "yeah, for mother, I could go," he says. They do a very glurgey reenactment of their huge Three chant — in the complete episode, it turned into the only factor that felt unrealistic to me — after which the guys reassure Kate that they're no longer going to waft aside, whatever thing that brings tears to Randall's eyes yet again. "americans don't like their presidents all weepy and stuff," Kev teases him, however it's decent-natured.

Then they do not forget how Rebecca gripped Randall's hand right before she died, and they wonder what that was all about…

'YOU DON'T simply walk AWAY' | Which brings us again to Rebecca's middle of the night coach to the afterlife. She and Jack are in mattress within the caboose, and he remarks that he "ignored that little scar" on her brow. She whispers that she's scared, and he reassures her that she doesn't need to be. "hi there babe, we did first rate," he says. "you did so decent." She laments that there was so plenty more she wanted to do with their kids. "you will," he guarantees.

As scenes from the put up-funeral gathering demonstrate The large Three interacting lovingly with each and every other and their kids, Jack tells promises Rebecca that she'll be around for every thing that matters. "I imply, it's now not like I wish to be there for anything else bizarre," she instantly amends. "I don't wish to watch them shower or the rest." (Ha!) He smiles and says that gained't turn up, "but you'll be there."

right here's how it ends:

REBECCA | reasonably a issue, isn't it? Us finding each and every different within the bar that evening.JACK | Yeah, smartly, I suggest… when the realm puts some thing that obvious in front of you, you don't simply stroll away. You able?REBECCA | I don't want to go away them.JACK | You don't. You'll see.REBECCA | i love you.JACK | i love you.

Then they clasp arms — similar to she grabbed Randall's — and that's that.

Now it's your flip. What did you believe of the series finale? Grade it — and the season as a whole — via the polls below, then hit the comments with allllll of your reactions!

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