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In February, Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab and an FBI informant drove past an access gate resulting in former president George W. Bush's Texas regional, according to an FBI search warrant utility. Shihab allegedly recorded video of the doorway during every of his two passes.

A day past, Shihab, who lives in Ohio, allegedly explained to the informant that the videos would be despatched to former Iraqi intelligence officers: They were individuals of a group planning to kill the former president.

Now, federal prosecutors have charged Shihab, 52, with participating in the alleged assassination plot and dealing to smuggle the assassins into the USA, the U.S. lawyer within the Southern District of Ohio introduced Tuesday.

Shihab was arrested Tuesday morning. It became not instantly clear no matter if he had an legal professional.

A message to the George W. Bush Presidential center was no longer immediately back late Tuesday. the previous president's chief of staff, Freddy Ford, informed the Guardian that Bush "has the entire self belief on earth in the US Secret service and our legislation enforcement and intelligence communities."

Shihab is an Iraqi citizen who got here to the us in September 2020 on a visitor's visa, in line with prosecutors. He's lived in Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis and labored in markets and restaurants.

A search warrant software filed March 23, which changed into first mentioned on via Forbes, particulars Shihab's alleged function within the assassination effort, citing conversations recorded between Shihab and two informants.

ultimate June, in accordance with the warrant application, Shihab sought the support of one of the informants to smuggle four Iraqi guys into the us. The guys, whom Shihab allegedly identified as political exiles, would travel through Europe and then to Mexico, where they'd cross the border into the united states.

It changed into months later, all the way through a trip to Michigan, that Shihab advised the informant why he turned into searching for to smuggle the men into the nation, in response to court docket statistics. Shihab defined that he had as soon as helped "the resistance," relating to the Islamic State or al-Qaeda in Iraq, the affidavit states. He additionally claimed he became related to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the former Islamic State chief who in October 2019 died all the way through a raid via U.S. particular Operations forces.

To individuals of the resistance, the affidavit states, Shihab observed his nickname changed into "Rasoul" — Arabic for "the messenger." He later allegedly noted he become a member of a bunch distinct from the Islamic State referred to as "Al-Raed," which is Arabic for "thunder."

Shihab additionally said the four Iraqis he desired to convey into the U.S. had been plotting to kill Bush, in keeping with the affidavit, which states that Shihab also desired to find a method for them to be smuggled out over the U.S.-Mexico border after the assassination. Shihab said the neighborhood desired to kill the previous president "as a result of they felt that he became answerable for killing many Iraqis and breaking apart the complete country of Iraq," the warrant application states.

Bush ordered an invasion of Iraq in 2003, which launched an eight-12 months-long warfare.

throughout a gathering with an informant in January, Shihab spoke of he changed into trying to find "firearms that could be in a position to penetrate a vehicle," as well as a "huge van with sliding doors," court docket statistics state. He additionally allegedly mentioned that six or seven men would carry out the assassination, including members of terrorist corporations and the previous Iraqi intelligence officers.

referring to himself as a "soldier," court docket records state, Shihab talked about that "he desired to be concerned within the exact assault and assassination of former president Bush and did not care if he died as he would be proud to were worried in killing former president Bush." but his actual role became to make travel arrangements, locate weapons and surveil Bush's domestic and location of work, in response to the warrant utility.

In February, Shihab allegedly traveled with the informant to Dallas to take movies of Bush's home, as smartly because the George W. Bush Presidential core. A month later, based on prosecutors, Shihab looked at pattern firearms and law enforcement uniforms at a lodge room in Columbus.

apart from the alleged assassination plans, prosecutors also say that Shihab got tens of lots of dollars for plotting to smuggle an Iraqi citizen into the USA. The person, however, changed into invented as part of a ruse coordinated through the FBI.

Prosecutors observed Tuesday that Shihab faces a optimum of twenty years for allegedly plotting to kill a former president; attempted smuggling of a person into the U.S. consists of a ten-yr highest sentence.


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