Marilyn Manson Sexual Assault Case possible may not amount to fees - TMZ

Marilyn Manson has been the goal of a sexual assault investigation for more than a yr, but because the case winds down, detectives haven't discovered strong facts that'll nail the rocker ... TMZ has realized.

legislations enforcement sources inform us there were, "some credibility concerns with the sufferer" which have made it challenging to construct a legit case.

police officers are near submitting their findings to the L.A. County District lawyer's workplace, who eventually will make the determination, however it's difficult to imagine they'd cost with out the goods. whereas we're advised the case likely may not amount to costs, that can always alternate if new facts emerges.

TMZ broke the story, special Victims Unit detectives descended on Manson's L.A. home lower back in November, executing a search warrant and seized media storage devices -- including difficult drives.

ahead of that, law enforcement officials had been digging into abuse allegations -- together with accusations he locked girls right into a soundproof room in the domestic to punish them.

As we said, Evan Rachel timber, who Manson dated again in 2007 has made very public allegations of abuse against the rocker.

In a shocking lawsuit filed in opposition t wood through Manson, he accused his former lover of writing a fake letter from the FBI, pretending to be an agent and hinting at the fact he turned into under investigation.

Manson claims timber and a pal of hers then dispensed the letter to other victims and media contributors to make it appear as if he changed into in reality in trouble.

Early in 2021, Manson was visited by means of law enforcement officials, and a helicopter changed into used to go looking his home after somebody referred to as in a welfare investigate ... so he is had a number of law enforcement interaction over the direction of the last year and a half.

As for the allegations, Manson has endured to disclaim every thing, and sources linked to his legal crew say they've worked with investigators throughout the investigation.

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