Opinion | Why won't the FDA Let docs Prescribe Fluvoxamine for Covid? - The Wall street Journal

The meals and Drug Administration is below assault for being too cozy with drugmakers, however there's nothing incorrect with regulators cooperating with private industry. That's how we bought Covid vaccines and treatment options in record time. What's rotten is that functions for brand spanking new uses of time-honored drugs are reviewed beneath distinct specifications than those for novel treatments. That's what the FDA did this month when it rejected a Covid emergency-use authorization (EUA) application by means of doctors for the antidepressant fluvoxamine.

The media has derided some docs as quacks for advocating off-label medication like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Early within the pandemic reviews counseled the two anti-parasite drugs may be really helpful. David Boulware, an infectious sickness expert at the school of Minnesota, helped lead four of those trials. Yet he now unusually finds himself clashing with the FDA over its rejection of fluvoxamine.

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