Roger Goodell: professional Bowl video game doesn’t work - NBC sports

It appears like there are going to be changes to the seasoned Bowl in the near future.

word on Tuesday morning became that dialogue about the way to increase the pro Bowl could be on the agenda on the league conferences and that the league might even eliminate it utterly. At a press convention, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell verified that the league is unhappy with the far away facsimile of soccer performed all over the online game and that they need to locate a special method of recognizing the achievements of gamers every season.

"The video game doesn't work. We deserve to find a further way to rejoice the avid gamers," Goodell said.

Goodell didn't delve into what such celebrations might appear to be, but any alternative the league considers would doubtless must usher in at the least as many viewers as the annual exhibition online game for it to become a longstanding lifestyle.

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