Ron Rivera informed Jahan Dotson to move to Penn St. commencement over Saturday’s follow - NBC sports

Commanders novices stated for a minicamp this weekend, but one exquisite member of the neighborhood was no longer there for the entire activities.

First-circular decide on Jahan Dotson didn't take part within the crew's workout on Saturday as a result of he become returned at Penn State for graduation ceremonies. The huge receiver stated graduating turned into a huge deal for him because "many individuals in my household haven't achieved this aim," however that he wasn't planning to take time off from minicamp except he spoke to head teach Ron Rivera.

"i was really ready to skip the graduation and be out right here at observe," Dotson said. "however he said that's a as soon as in a million category of thing. He become interested in me going, so I honestly hadn't even notion about skipping apply unless he kind of brought that up."

Dotson pointed out the mixture of being drafted, beginning minicamp and graduating from school made for the "most exciting, spontaneous week of my lifestyles." Now he'll turn all his attention towards soccer in hopes of making an instantaneous and high-quality influence on the Washington offense.

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