Russians plunder $5M farm cars from Ukraine -- to locate they've been remotely disabled - CNN

but after a adventure of greater than 700 miles, the thieves had been unable to make use of any of the equipment -- since it had been locked remotely.

over the last few weeks there may be been a transforming into variety of reviews of Russian troops stealing farm gadget, grain and even building substances - beyond frequent looting of residences. however the removal of useful agricultural machine from a John Deere dealership in Melitopol speaks to an more and more geared up operation, one that even makes use of Russian militia transport as a part of the heist.

CNN has discovered that the gadget was removed from an Agrotek dealership in Melitopol, which has been occupied through Russian forces in view that early March. Altogether it be valued at basically $5 million. The mix harvesters by myself are value $300,000 each.

CNN is not naming a contact in Melitopol ordinary with the details of the case for his or her personal safety.

Ukrainian farmer Morda Vasyl steps into the cab of a John Deere tractor.

Ukrainian farmer Morda Vasyl steps into the cab of a John Deere tractor.

Ukrainian farmer Morda Vasyl steps into the cab of a John Deere tractor.

The contact referred to the method started with the seizure of two combine harvesters, a tractor and a seeder. Over the next few weeks, every thing else turned into removed: in all 27 items of farm machinery. one of the crucial flat-bed vans used, and caught on digital camera, had a white "Z" painted on it and seemed to be a military truck.

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The contact stated there were rival organizations of Russian troops: some would are available the morning and a few within the night.

some of the equipment turned into taken to a close-by village, but a few of it launched into a long overland journey to Chechnya more than seven hundred miles away. The sophistication of the machinery, which are geared up with GPS, meant that its travel may be tracked. It become last tracked to the village of Zakhan Yurt in Chechnya.

The machine ferried to Chechnya, which covered mix harvesters -- can also be managed remotely. "When the invaders drove the stolen harvesters to Chechnya, they realized that they could not even flip them on, since the harvesters had been locked remotely," the contact talked about.

The device now seems to be languishing at a farm near Grozny. but the contact observed that "it looks that the hijackers have found consultants in Russia who are trying to skip the protection."

"besides the fact that th ey promote harvesters for spare ingredients, they're going to earn some cash," the contact referred to.

different sources within the Melitopol region say theft by means of Russian armed forces instruments has extended to grain held in silos, in a area that produces hundreds of hundreds of tonnes of vegetation a 12 months.

One source instructed CNN that "the occupiers are offering local farmers to share their profits 50% to 50%." but the farmers making an attempt to work in areas occupied by Russian troops are unable to movement their produce.

"now not a single elevator works. none of the ports are working. you're going to no longer take this grain from the occupied territory any place. "

So Russian forces are without problems taking the grain, the supply talked about. "They steal it, take it to Crimea and that is the reason it."

closing week the mayor of Melitopol posted a video displaying a convoy of vans leaving Melitopol allegedly loaded with grain.< /p>

"we have clear proof that they unloaded grain from the Melitopol city elevator. They robbed the elevator together with inner most farms," the mayor informed CNN.

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