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President Joe Biden spoke Saturday on the White condominium Correspondent's Dinner, marking his first look at the extensively attended Washington adventure seeing that taking office and the first time a US president has attended the dinner in six years.

study his remarks as released with the aid of the White condo, evenly edited for vogue:

thank you. thank you, thanks, thank you. thanks, Steve, for that introduction. And a special because of the forty two% of you who really applauded.

I'm really excited to be right here tonight with the simplest group of american citizens with a decrease approval ranking than I actually have. That's complicated to assert after what we just noticed.

here is the first time a president attended this dinner in six years. It's comprehensible. We had a horrible plague adopted by means of two years of Covid.

just imagine if my predecessor got here to this dinner this year. Now, that might basically were a real coup if that passed off. a bit complicated, huh?

however I'm honored to be here at such an experience with so a great deal heritage.

As already referenced, the very first president to attend the White residence Correspondents' Dinner was Calvin Coolidge in 1924. I had simply been elected to the USA Senate. and i reme – I be aware telling him, "Cal, simply be your self. rise up there and talk from the heart. You're going to be amazing, kid. You're going to do it smartly."

Of path, Jill is with me tonight. Jilly, how are you, youngster? I suppose – I consider she's doing a fantastic job as first lady. the first lady to continue working full-time, and she or he does as a professor.

She doesn't pay tons attention to the polls, though she did say the other day: as an alternative of introducing myself as Jill Biden's husband, might be I should still introduce myself as her roommate.

I've attended this dinner repeatedly, however here's my first time as president. And the organizers had – had it difficult – made it pretty tough for me tonight. despite the fact the respectable information is, if all goes well, I actually have a real shot at replacing James Corden.

It became high-quality having him over at the White condominium the different day, just as he announced he's leaving the exhibit. an outstanding performer goes out on exact after eight years in the job. Sounds pretty much appropriate to me.

And it's complicated to follow execs like James and Billy Eichner. Billy, where are you once more? Do you – where is he?

well, Billy, you're famous for interviewing – your interviewing abilities. Billy, you'll want to recognize what you're doing, friend. You comprehend it, you comprehend it well. and also you may still – I consider – be sure to host "Meet the press." might be they'll birth to observe it again.

I've on no account had – in no way needed to – I've not ever needed to open – I'll on no account be – I'll never be invited to "Meet the click" once again. Anyway.

I've in no way had to open before Trevor Noah. Trevor is wonderful. When i was elected, he did a display and he called me "america's new dad." Let me inform you some thing, friend: I'm flattered anyone would call me a "new" the rest. You're my guy.

And, folks, it's been a tough few years for the country. That's one explanation why it's first rate to be right here once more.

everyone on the White condominium is so excited. I advised my grandkids and Pete Buttigieg they could stay up late and watch this display tonight.

Tonight – tonight we come right here and answer a really critical question on all and sundry's intellect: Why within the hell are we nonetheless doing this?

i know there are – i do know there are questions on even if we may still gather here tonight because of Covid. neatly, we're right here to exhibit the nation that we're getting via this pandemic. Plus, everyone needed to prove they have been entirely vaccinated and boosted.

So, if you're at home gazing this and also you're questioning the way to do that, just contact your favourite Fox information reporter. They're all here, vaccinated and boosted – all of them.

And, appear, Fox – Fox information, I'm – I'm definitely sorry your preferred candidate misplaced the last election. To make it up to you, I'm happy to supply my chief of body of workers to you all so he can inform Sean Hannity what to claim each day.

basically, Ron Klain is right here at the CBS table, which employed Mick Mulvaney. Mick, on CBS? i was stunned. I figured he'd grow to be on "The Masked Singer" with Rudy.

unbelievable rent, guys. in fact fairly surprising.

appear, i know here's a tough city. I got here to workplace with an ambitious agenda, and that i expected it to face stiff opposition in the Senate. I just hoped it could be from Republicans.

however I'm no longer concerned concerning the midterms. I'm no longer involved about them. We may additionally emerge as with more partisan gridlock, however I'm confident we will work it out right through my remaining six years within the presidency.

And, folks, I'm now not in reality right here to roast the GOP. That's now not my trend. besides, there's nothing i can say concerning the GOP that Kevin McCarthy hasn't already placed on tape.

And, you know, at the same – at the identical time, a lot of people say the Republican birthday party is too intense, too divisive, too controlled via one grownup. they say, "It's now not your father's Republican birthday celebration."

Ronald Reagan spoke of, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down." these days's Republicans say, "Tear down Mickey Mouse's apartment." And relatively soon, they'll be storming Cinderella's castle, which you could be sure of it.

however Republicans appear to help one fella – some man named Brandon. He's having a really good yr, and i'm sort of happy for him.

Let me conclude with a serious notice.

We reside in serious instances. We're coming via a devastating pandemic, and we have to live vigilant. i know Kamala wanted to be here, as an instance, and fortuitously she's doing smartly. you should all comprehend she sends her most effective.

We're in a time when what we so long have taken without any consideration is facing the gravest of threats. and that i'm being lethal earnest.

Oversear- [sic] – remote places, the liberal world order that laid the foundation for international peace, stability and prosperity on account that World conflict II is if truth be told, seriously under assault.

And at domestic, a poison is operating via our democracy of all – all of this taking location with disinformation massively on the upward push, where the reality is buried through lies and the lies live on as reality.

What's clear – and i imply this from the backside of my coronary heart – that you just, the free press, remember more than you ever did within the final century. No, I basically mean it.

I've all the time believed that first rate journalism holds up a mirror to ourselves, to examine the first rate, the unhealthy and the authentic. Tonight, I are looking to congratulate the awardees and the scholarship winners who keep it up that sacred tradition.

We've all considered the courage of the Ukrainian americans on account of the courage of yankee journalists during this room and your colleagues internationally, who are on the floor, taking their lives in their own arms.

And even though it's now not in Ukraine, it's Russia – mother, I'd like to meet you and dad to focus on your son.

We simply – we just saw a heartbreaking video: nine have been killed reporting from Kyiv – struck by way of a kamikaze drone strike after a shopping mall assault; shot in the neck whereas decounci- [sic] – whereas – while documenting Ukrainians fleeing; killed when Russian missiles hit the tv tower in a residential neighborhood. One journalist from Radio Liberty just killed days in the past.

So a lot of you telling the stories and taking the photographs and recording the movies of what's occurring there, the unvarnished fact proven – displaying the – the destruction and the devastation and, yes, the conflict crimes.

Tonight, we additionally honor the legacy of two historic journalists, and that is Alice Dunnigan and Ethel Payne. I'm happy you noticed that tonight. I didn't be aware of you were doing that. These are the first Black ladies to be White apartment newshounds, who shattered conference to cover a segregated nation.

We honor journalists killed, lacking, imprisoned, detained and tortured; overlaying struggle, exposing corruption and preserving leaders dependable.

We honor participants of the press, both countrywide and local, covering a as soon as-in-a-century pandemic where we misplaced a million american citizens, a generation depending on race and the existential danger of climate exchange.

The free press is not the enemy of the americans – removed from it. At your most excellent, you're guardians of the reality.

President Kennedy as soon as spoke of, and that i quote, "devoid of debate, with out criticism, no administration, no nation can prevail, and no republic can survive."

the primary change gives you a free press miraculous coverage, but with it comes, as a lot of you comprehend, a extremely heavy obligation: to are seeking the fact as optimum that you would be able to – now not to inflame or entertain, however to illuminate and train.

I know it's hard. and i'm no longer being solicitous. The business is changing significantly.

There's mind-blowing force on you all to carry warmth in its place of shed gentle, since the expertise is changing so a lot, the system is changing. nevertheless it concerns. No kidding. It matters. The reality matters.

American democracy is not a fact show. It's now not a truth demonstrate. It's reality itself. And the truth is that we're an excellent nation.

Our future is brilliant. It's not assured, as a result of democracy is never certain. It needs to be earned. It must be defended. It must be included.

As you've heard me say time and again: There's not a rattling aspect this nation can't do when we stand united and do it together. and i understand we will do anything we need to do this's right.

I've been around a long time, as has been stated time and again tonight. however I offer you my notice as a Biden: I've under no circumstances been greater optimistic about america than i'm today. I basically mean it.

now and then of tremendous trade, it gifts colossal opportunities. For despite the entire crises, all the partisanship, all of the shouting and the showmanship,

I basically recognize this and you realize it too: we're a good nation because we're in reality an excellent americans.

And right here in the usa, decent journalism, decent satire about our leaders, about our society is quintessentially an American thing. It demonstrates the power of our illustration.

and that i, honest to God, accept as true with it exhibits our soul – the soul of our nation. And that's what I'd like to toast tonight, if i'll.

(The President offers a toast.)

To the journalists and their families, to the people and their elected representatives, to the united states of the usa.

And incidentally, Madeleine Albright was right: we are the critical nation.

girls and gentlemen, I'm going to show this over to Trevor now, strap myself into my seat.

And, Trevor, the truly decent information is: Now you get to roast the President of the U.S. and, unlike in Moscow, you gained't go to prison.

the podium is yours.

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