Video of Jerry Jones' motor vehicle crash shows frightening collision in the middle of intersection - Yahoo activities

Dallas Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones is fortunate to have walked far from his automobile crash without any large injuries. Video of the crash indicates a frightening scene, by which Jones' motor vehicle collided with one other automobile in the middle of an intersection.

The video, which become received by way of TMZ, indicates Jones' automobile hitting an additional vehicle that turned into trying to show.

The crash changed into caught on an extra vehicle's dashcam. in the video, the driving force of the car who captured the video observed he changed into going to provide the pictures to each parties. Jones appears to investigate his knee at one element in the video, however appears basically unharmed after the crash.

Jones, 79, changed into hospitalized following the crash. He became released a couple of hours later and changed into resting at home.

The crash was deemed "minor" on the time.

Jones is "all first rate," per crew vp Stephen Jones. The Cowboys haven't provided additional information regarding the crash or Jones' popularity.

Jerry Jones become involved in a automobile crash. (image by Ronald Martinez/Getty images)

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