Warriors vs. Grizzlies: Draymond green ejected from game 1 after committing Flagrant 2 foul on Brandon Clarke - CBS activities

Draymond green has a track listing of getting banned from playoff games on the worst feasible instances. His notorious game 5 suspension right through the 2016 NBA Finals helped launch Cleveland's legendary comeback from a 3-1 deficit to win the championship. within the newest incident, green became ejected from the Golden State Warriors' game 1 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. 

The play got here on the end of the 2d quarter. eco-friendly was known as for a foul when he pulled down Grizzlies big man Brandon Clarke with the aid of the jersey. On replay, it become called a flagrant-2 foul as "excessive and unnecessary." green at first slapped Clarke with a wind-up earlier than pulling him down. 

Following the video game, eco-friendly referred to as the ejection a "acceptance issue" during an episode of his podcast, "The Draymond eco-friendly exhibit."

"Very wonderful one," eco-friendly said. "One factor about that foul is I in fact tried to cling him up. well, I wasn't informed the rest trigger I left the courtroom, however guys had been instructed i was ejected for throwing him down, which is very unique as a result of even as soon as he hit the floor I nevertheless become conserving his jersey."

green additional explained his case:

"A flagrant 2. I suggest -- useless contact. I cannot fairly say it changed into needless because i used to be making an attempt to stop him from making a bucket and getting an and one. So I cannot quite say it turned into pointless. excessive -- I did not even basically make contact with the guy's body so extreme could be a little extreme. 

If a guy is flying off of one leg then perhaps you say, 'okay, he changed into in an unsafe position, he could not protect himself, flagrant 2.' a man jumping off two toes straight up and down, who then sells a foul and dives to the ground -- can't somewhat say he was in an hazardous position. 

So I guess me attempting to explain this flagrant foul to you, your guess is just pretty much as good as mine. via definition, if we go throughout the definition of a flagrant 2 foul, i'm no longer certain that play would quite be the definition of a flagrant foul. i am not sure it would meet that standards."

as the officials watched the replay on the video computer screen, Grizzlies lovers chanted "throw him out" at green.

When green did find out he was getting ejected, he made a huge reveal of his exit, dancing and hyping up the gang as he left the floor.

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despite green's absence, the soldiers have been able to get away with a dramatic win due to a late 3-pointer by using Klay Thompson and a ignored layup via Ja Morant on the buzzer. but while they bought away with this one, the warriors will need green to live on the floor for the the rest of the playoffs. 

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