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Hours earlier than Arizona condominium Speaker Russell "Rusty" Bowers (R) testified about how he refused to help Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election results, he sat alone in his Capitol Hill hotel room, reading prices about courage from John F. Kennedy and observing a church elder's video about being a peacemaker.

Bowers, sixty nine, wearing a new white shirt and a swimsuit he purchased years in the past, one he saves for special occasions, like traveling a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. notwithstanding formal, it makes him think relaxed.

The lifelong Republican had packed a crimson tie nonetheless it felt too bold, so he put on a blue one as a substitute. He then walked by myself to the U.S. Capitol grounds and slowly found his solution to the hearing room that might turn into the surroundings of the optimum-profile second of his a long time-long political profession.

Bowers turned into subpoenaed by means of the residence committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, rebel to testify concerning the events that adopted Trump's 10,457-vote loss in Arizona. Bowers had voted for Trump, campaigned for Trump, but would no longer violate the legislations for him — and, in consequence, his political future became jeopardized, his persona became puzzled and his household become stressed as his daughter become dying.

He awoke early Tuesday to study one of the vital notes he saved all over that point, written in cursive in very own notebooks.

"Am I overprepared?" Bowers referred to in an interview. "I have no thought. We'll discover once I walk in that room."

As he walked in, his purpose become to deliver a measure of conciliation, no longer battle, to this second.

"i want to, for whatever small part I had, cut back conflict and work toward a more ongoing reconciliation of people," he talked about. "I don't deserve to win anything else."

presently before the hearing started, he fielded a call from an lawyer for the Arizona house who relayed that Trump had put out an announcement declaring that Bowers "instructed me the election became rigged and that I received Arizona." Bowers chuckled on the absurdity.

in the hearing room, Bowers sat alongside Georgia election officers Brad Raffensperger and Gabe Sterling, who faced equivalent power through Trump and his allies to reverse his loss there. Later within the day, the committee heard testimony from former Georgia election employee Wandrea ArShaye "Shaye" Moss, whose lifestyles changed into threatened after Rudy Giuliani, an lawyer for Trump, claimed she participated in a pretend pollscheme. Bowers and Moss each bought the John F. Kennedy Profile in braveness Award this yr for their efforts to give protection to democracy.

Bowers went first and started his testimony by using rebutting Trump's commentary.

"I did have a conversation with the president," he referred to cautiously and deliberately, his glasses perched on the end of his nostril. "That definitely isn't it. any place any individual, every time, has pointed out that I noted the election became rigged — that could not be real."

Bowers — knowledgeable artist commonly used for his storytelling — then recounted his first conversation with Trump and Giuliani, which came after a church carrier within the weeks after the 2020 election. Bowers recalled them asking him to convene the legislature to examine their unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud and set in motion a strategy to change chosen electors with another group greater favorable to Trump. Bowers repeatedly asked them for evidence beyond hearsay and innuendo that the election changed into stolen. Giuliani observed he would carry such facts, but it not ever came. Bowers noted he instructed them their criminal thought was overseas to him and that he needed to consult with his attorneys.

"I stated, 'seem to be, you're asking me to do whatever this is counter to my oath,' " Bowers testified. He informed the men he would not smash his oath and would uphold the constitution.

Over a number of weeks, Giuliani and different Trump allies didn't produce the promised bureaucracy, and Bowers refused to authorize an legit legislative hearing to review the allegations of common fraud. A "circus had been brewing" round these allegations, and Bowers talked about he didn't need it brought into the Arizona condominium.

instead, a different GOP apartment member and vocal election denier held a meeting that includes claims of improprieties at a downtown Phoenix hotel. That equal day, Gov. Doug Ducey (R) certified Arizona's election outcomes.

tomorrow, Dec. 1, 2020, Bowers attended an in-grownup assembly with Giuliani, legal professional Jenna Ellis, Arizona GOP state lawmakers and others, where he become again pressed to aid overturn the election consequences.

He remembered whatever Giuliani talked about: "He noted, 'We've got lots of theories — we simply don't have the proof.' "

on the time, Bowers wrote in a journal page that he informed Giuliani and the group, "the U.S. Constit. does not say i will reverse the laws I work to uphold which colour this very concern."

in the absence of proof from Giuliani and others, the Arizona speaker felt he became being requested to violate his oath to the charter.

"i will not do this, and," Bowers testified, pausing to control his feelings. "On a couple of — on a couple of occasion right through all this it has been introduced up. And it's a tenet of my faith that the constitution is divinely inspired — of my most primary foundational beliefs. And so for me to do that because someone just asked me to is overseas to my very being.

On Jan. three, 2021, an Arizona condo attorney spoke with seasoned-Trump legal professional John Eastman, who previewed a criminal theory for decertifying Arizona's electors. the next day, Eastman laid out his concept right through a call with Bowers, who asked him if his strategy had ever been established. Eastman inspired him to simply give it a are trying and let the courts variety it out. Bowers declined.

A final try to persuade Bowers got here the morning of Jan. 6, shortly earlier than the Capitol riot.

It got here from his personal congressman, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), a loyal Trump ally, former Arizona Senate president and former chairman of the condo Freedom Caucus who loudly sowed doubt in regards to the 2020 election effects. He requested Bowers to aid decertifying the electors.

"I observed i might now not," Bowers recalled.

That firm stance made him the goal of protests and nasty accusations. In early December, "cease the Steal" supporters gathered interior the foyer of the state apartment. Bowers was out of city on the time, but some within the crowd shouted his identify. On Tuesday the committee unveiled video featuring these protesters, together with Jake Angeli, the "QAnon shaman" who wore a fur hat, horns and face paint as he entered the Capitol on Jan. 6. It become an ominous signal of the violence that might come.

within the weeks that adopted, Bowers's nearby in Mesa, a suburb east of Phoenix, become practically occupied from time to time through caravans of Trump supporters.

They screamed at Bowers through bullhorns, filmed his domestic and led parades to ridicule him that featured a civilian defense force-style truck. At one factor, a person confirmed up with a gun and became threatening Bowers's neighbor.

"after I saw the gun, I knew I needed to get close," he testified.

Enraged professional-Trump voters unsuccessfully sought to take into account Bowers, and Bowers stated they disbursed fliers accusing him of corruption and pedophilia.

because the drama unfolded outdoor his home, his daughter, Kacey, became death inside it.

She became "upset by using what became happening backyard, and my spouse is a valiant adult. Very, very effective. Quiet. Very strong woman," Bowers mentioned, his chin quivering. "So, it turned into traumatic. It changed into demanding."

Kacey Bowers died Jan. 28, 2021, as efforts with the aid of some Republicans to deepen doubts about Trump's loss accelerated and plunged her father deeper into the controversy over the 2020 election. He has tried to persuade his fellow Republicans that he's doing the correct thing, but with little luck. He faces challengers in Arizona's Aug. 2 Republican fundamental.

It's a position he's inclined to live with. He thinks that judgment with the aid of voters is trivial in comparison to eventual judgment from his maker. on the conclusion of his testimony, Bowers read a journal entry from December 2020.

"i'll, within the eyes of guys, no longer hold proper opinions or act in line with their vision or convictions, however I do not take this latest condition in a lightweight method, a fearful manner or a vengeful method," he stated. "I do not want to be a winner via dishonest. i can't play with laws I swore allegiance to. With any contrived need toward deflection of my deep, foundational desire to comply with God's will as I accept as true with he led my judgment of right and wrong to embrace. How else will I ever strategy him within the desolate tract of existence knowing that I ask this tips handiest to show myself a coward in defending the path … he led me to take."

After testifying, Bowers made his solution to the airport, heading domestic to finish the core responsibilities of the state legislature: To circulate a budget earlier than the end of the fiscal 12 months. A heavier assignment awaits him this weekend: deciding upon up his daughter's tombstone.

As he ate a salad alone, he realized that he forgot to inform the panel that he aren't coerced out of public service.

"they could beat me," he talked about of the upcoming election, "but they're now not going to bully me."

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