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Actor and humanitarian envoy Ben Stiller met in Ukraine with refugees and officers together with President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday as a part of his visit to the area on World Refugee Day.

"It's a superb honor for me," Stiller referred to to Zelensky throughout a meeting in Kyiv. "It's really stunning. You're my hero."

Stiller, the "Zoolander" superstar and goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency, additionally met with U.S. ambassador Bridget A. Brink in Lviv and visited the cities of Irpin and Makarov near Kyiv.

Stiller marveled to fellow actor Zelensky, who played Ukraine's president on television earlier than fitting the nation's real-existence leader, about "the style that you've rallied the country — the world."

He added, "You quit a pretty good acting career for this."

Zelensky spoke back, "now not so tremendous as you!"

Stiller had previous visited with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, which has taken in additional than 1 million Ukrainians who were forced to flee their homes on account of the war. He stated his intention there turned into to face in cohesion with the refugees there and global, and to carry extra consideration to the humanitarian circumstance in Ukraine.

"individuals have shared experiences about how the conflict has changed their lives — how they've lost everything and are deeply worried about their future," Stiller stated in a statement.

He endured: "conserving individuals compelled to flee is a collective international responsibility. We need to remember this may take place to anybody, anywhere."

Stiller isn't the best celeb to visit Ukraine. Angelina Jolie made a surprise discuss with in April to the city of Lviv — which has been fairly spared from the heavy fighting and shelling in different elements of the nation — where she met with little ones and refugees and became spotted at cafes via locals. (while millions had been pressured out of Ukraine's borders on account of the struggle, tens of millions extra have been displaced domestically.)

Jolie, a U.N. particular envoy for refugees, changed into there on a private basis as opposed to on an official United countries talk over with. Stiller's travel became geared up by means of the U.N. refugee agency.

The battle in Ukraine has pushed international displacement to listing degrees, a "tragic milestone," the agency stated this month, at which aspect greater than a hundred million americans had been forced to flee their buildings — more than 1 percent of humanity.

The invasion has prompted the quickest pressured-displacement disaster on account that World warfare II, it stated. besides other emergency cases in Afghanistan, Africa and somewhere else, the invasion has "pushed the determine over the dramatic milestone," the company pointed out.

Jennifer Hassan and Sammy Westfall contributed to this document.


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