Charlie Puth's latest Confessions About His intercourse life Will grab Your consideration - E! news

The Grammy-nominated musician pointed out he doesn't mind how americans react to his content material because he's just being himself and he's simply satisfied to peer people react. 

"i'd be extra offended if someone opens up my TikTok and that they don't have any opinion about it, if they had been detached," he stated. "I desire them to be both very angry about it or in love with it."

When he isn't displaying off his sexual prowess on TikTok, he's giving enthusiasts an internal seem to be to how he makes his music. as an instance, he took fanatics in the back of-the-scenes of "mild switch," a tune off his third studio album, Charlie.  

"i was taking myself too seriously, and TikTok variety of humbled me in a method—some video clips would not do in addition to other movies, and some songs wouldn't be bought in addition to every other songs," he said. "I bought that assistance in real time. It wasn't, 'Oh, neatly, I have 16 million followers so i'm splendid no depend what.'"

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