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Stephen Colbert wasted no time in addressing news about his personal reveal on Monday night. The host of CBS' Late exhibit mentioned hello and then asked the audience "short query, how changed into your weekend? I definitely had an enchanting one, as a result of some of my body of workers had a memorable one."

Colbert become referring to news that came out on Friday that individuals of his team of workers and crew were arrested on Capitol Hill as they tried to movie a segment featuring Triumph The Insult comedian Dog, a puppet voiced with the aid of Robert Smigel. The section changed into focused on the Jan. 6 committee hearings.

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"Democratic and Republican congresspeople agreed to consult with Triumph," Colbert noted. "he's a bipartisan pup. he is so impartial, he is neutered."

The creation crew already had filmed for 2 days in congressional offices.

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"They went through protection clearance, shot all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, invited into the offices of the congresspeople they were interviewing," Colbert mentioned.

After the interviews on Thursday, the crew was filming some "final-minute puppetry" in a hallway on the Longworth house workplace constructing when they had been approached and detained with the aid of the Capitol Police. They had been processed and later released.

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Actor and comic Robert Smigel performs as Triumph the Insult comedian Dog in the hallways of the Cannon residence office constructing on Thursday. Chip Somodevilla/Getty photographs cover caption

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Actor and comedian Robert Smigel performs as Triumph the Insult comedian Dog within the hallways of the Cannon apartment office building on Thursday.

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Colbert didn't seem upset through what took place with the police and stated it "definitely, is rarely that incredible."

"The Capitol police are much more cautious than they were, say,18 months ago, and for an excellent reason," Colbert talked about, relating to the Jan. 6 rebellion.

He added that "if you don't know what that rationale is, i know what information community you watch," Colbert introduced. Fox information selected not to air the preliminary Jan. 6 committee listening to.

Only one major cable news channel did not carry the Jan. 6 hearing live: Fox News Politics only 1 primary cable news channel didn't carry the Jan. 6 hearing reside: Fox information

ordinary, even though, Colbert talked about the "Capitol Police had been simply doing their job," and that every person became skilled and calm all through the entire element.

Colbert called it "a fairly fundamental story," or as a minimum it changed into "except the next evening when a couple of the tv individuals started claiming that my puppet squad had quote 'dedicated insurrection' on the U.S. Capitol constructing."

The "television individuals" that Colbert referenced blanketed Fox news host Tucker Carlson, who called the CBS crew "saboteurs" and falsely mentioned that they breached the Capitol.

"They weren't in the Capitol constructing," Colbert observed Monday night. "and that i'm stunned I have to clarify the difference — however an rebellion comprises disrupting the lawful movements of Congress and howling for the blood of elected leaders, all to keep away from the peaceable switch of power.

"This was first-diploma puppetry. Hijinks with intent to goof. Misappropriation of an old Conan bit."

If this Greg Jacob man gets indicted he may well be a flight risk #youseebecauseofhisenormousears

— Triumph® ᴛʜᴇ ɪɴsᴜʟᴛ ᴄᴏᴍɪᴄ ᴅᴏɢ™ Headquarters💩 (@TriumphICDHQ) June 16, 2022

Colbert talked about the false narrative about his crew turned into a predictable circulation through the conservative tv media.

"They wish to talk about whatever thing other than the Jan. 6th hearings on the exact seditionist insurrection that ended in the deaths of distinctive individuals, and the harm of over 140 law enforcement officials," Colbert observed. "but drawing any equivalence between rioters storming our Capitol to evade the counting of electoral ballots and a cigar-chomping toy dog, is a shameful and grotesque insult to the reminiscence of every person who died. And it obscenely trivializes the provider and the braveness the Capitol Police showed on that awful day."

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To make his aspect about how ludicrous it would be to name the phase filming an rebel, Colbert joked about "the lengthy background of puppet lawlessness" together with the Jim Henson traditional, The wonderful Muppet Caper.

"however, in this case, our puppet become only a puppet doing puppet stuff," Colbert pointed out. "And sad to say, so much has modified in Washington that the Capitol Police do ought to reside at high alert at all times as a result of the attack on Jan. sixth. and because the hearings prove extra certainly every day, the blame for that precise rebellion all lies with Putin's puppet."

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