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Draymond hilariously stops for ice cream mid-parade

Draymond eco-friendly is just one large youngster in a sweet shop. Or an ice cream store. 

midway during the Warriors championship parade in San Francisco on Monday, eco-friendly obtained out of his bus, ran down Market highway and located his method into a nearby Ghirardelli save the place he stopped to get ice cream ... mid-parade. 

it be a toasty day within the city, so ice cream certainly is warranted. Scratch that, ice cream always is warranted no be counted the weather. 

"I just need some ice cream," green referred to whereas friends/family shouted out their orders. 

You comprehend what they say, nothing pairs better with champagne and different liquors than ... ice cream!

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With the offseason officially underway, eco-friendly and the warriors deserve a summer time stuffed with the entire ice cream they desire. 

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