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J. Michael Luttig, former U.S. court of Appeals choose for the Fourth Circuit, arrives to testify before the apartment committee it is investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. Anna Moneymaker/Getty photographs hide caption

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J. Michael Luttig, former U.S. court of Appeals judge for the Fourth Circuit, arrives to testify earlier than the condo committee that's investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

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right through Thursday's Jan. 6 committee hearing, retired federal choose J. Michael Luttig issued a dire warning to the country. Luttig, who suggested former vp Mike Pence, said that 17 months after the revolt on the U.S. Capitol, "Donald Trump and his allies and supporters are a clear and existing danger to American democracy."

Luttig observed the USA is at a crossroads similar to the one the nation confronted right through the Civil warfare, and he noted america wants assist.

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Luttig turned into appointed to the federal bench through George H.W. Bush and labored in each the Bush and Reagan administrations. He spoke of in his written testimony that the U.S. is in a "warfare" over the nation's democracy and that "most effective the party that instigated this battle can conclusion it," calling on the Republican birthday party to beginning a reconciliation technique.

chatting with NPR on Saturday, Luttig reiterated his message that lawmakers must begin speaking to every other as "fellow americans that have a shared fate and shared hopes and desires for the usa." however Republicans should beginning the method, he introduced.

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Luttig spoke with NPR's All issues regarded about the odds of individuals of the Republican party starting these decent-faith conversations, professional-Trump candidates at present operating for office, and no matter if the Jan. 6 committee hearings can support close the divide.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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Do you believe that there is a meaningful constituency within your celebration, the Republican party it's, inclined to have good-faith conversations about this? And if so where are they?

As of the day that I testified, no, there are none, and there have not been for these couple of years. i am now not a flesh presser, I do not do politics, but it truly is what I suggest turn up. And it's with my fervent hope that some number of our elected leaders, at the least, will hear the phrases that I spoke on Thursday and have in mind what I observed, which is that they have got an responsibility, a excessive responsibility, that they undertake by means of oath to act within the pastime of the united states and americans in distinction to their personal own political pastimes.

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in case you appear at the most recent primaries, seasoned-Trump candidates are still competing across the country and profitable on the lie that there turned into election fraud in 2020. How do you construct believe in our democracy, within the idea that we can get to a better vicinity in our country if you have individuals at these vital high levels who are denying the 2020 election consequences?

You don't and you may't, and that's the reason why I testified Thursday that the former president and his celebration are nowadays a transparent and existing danger for American democracy. and i specially contrasted that with the circumstance, had it been so, that the former president and the Republican birthday party had stood down after the 2020 election and accepted the outcomes. however as I talked about to the opt for committee on Thursday, it is not what's took place.

To today, the previous president and the Republican party have insisted — and that they persist within the claim — that the 2020 election turned into stolen, and never basically that, however they pledge to execute the equal blueprint in 2024 that they tried in 2020. however their each intention is in the event that they do execute on that plan in 2024 that they'll win in 2024 the place they failed in 2020.

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The January 6th hearings are evidently essential for the nation to take into account what came about on that day and why it happened, and that i understand you think that way, but many Republicans don't. They name the hearings an effort to divide. And so i ponder even if you suppose that they're extra likely to deliver closure or additional gasoline this division that you simply say is destroying our democracy?

smartly, when I grew to become in my commentary to discussing both political events within the u.s., probably the most crucial words to me ... have been that both political parties in the usa are the political guardians of our democracy. that is why I went on to assert that it's crucial that both parties end this one struggle for democracy and suggesting that it become the duty of the Republican birthday party to begin that reconciliation.

We cannot have in america either political birthday party behaving itself like the Republican birthday party has considering the 2020 election. provided that that continues then we can have an unstable democratic order within the united states, and we will always be combating over American democracy. As I went on to claim in my commentary, the conflict for america's democracy is not a struggle that the us can win.

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If the two political events are going to be fighting literally over the usa's democracy, that's a battle it truly is limitless, and it is damaging of the USA of the usa. And there isn't a person during this nation who can disagree with that. they could argue over you be aware of no matter if, as the Republicans have persisted to do, the 2020 activities of the former president within the birthday party threatened democracy. they're foolish to even suggest that. however they can't argue over the abstract factor, the conceptual point that I made, which is that if both parties cannot conform to the orderly switch of power in the united states then that battle will continue, and as lengthy because it continues we do not have democracy in the united states.

Do you suppose that the January 6th hearings that are occurring presently could definitely sort of spoil through and motivate politicians to probably start to stand up on this difficulty?

neatly, you recognize i am a former judge and a lawyer, and to my expertise, I've not ever spoken publicly a single word of politics. So count number me as cynical as to politics and all politicians. Do I think that probably these hearings can ruin via to a few American patriots who are at present our political leaders? i hope with all my heart and soul that the hearings will smash through to those political leaders.

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