Hiker dies after massive waves flood California trail - NBC news

A hiker in Northern California died after being swept into the Pacific Ocean by way of big waves that inundated a seaside path and one other hiker who rushed into the water to effort a rescue changed into hospitalized, authorities observed.

Rescue crews despatched Sunday afternoon to the misplaced Coast path close look after Cove in Humboldt County found one person treading water in frigid 15 to 20-foot swells and a different person face down about 50 to one hundred yards offshore, Nick Pape, chief of the look after cowl fireplace department, referred to in an announcement.

Pape talked about the hikers had been a part of a bunch of hikers at a element of the trail on a beach popular for sleeper waves, or sneaker waves. The dangerous waves regularly strike by surprise and might catch beachgoers without warning and toss them into churning waters.

When the first hiker turned into swept into the water, the second removed their backpack and tried to help however changed into carried deeper into the ocean.

The conscious adult turned into taken by means of helicopter to a clinic and became in strong situation, Pape pointed out. The 2nd grownup changed into declared dead at the scene.

The Humboldt County Sheriff's office is investigating, the commentary stated.

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