invoice Cosby Jurors must Restart Deliberations After almost reaching Verdict - TMZ

bill Cosby was minutes away from listening to his destiny in a civil trial it really is been ongoing for a couple weeks now -- but he obtained a reprieve ... curiously as a result of budget cuts.

throughout Friday's courtroom date in Santa Monica, choose Craig Karlan -- who's presided over the case -- told jurors they'd should restart deliberations from scratch Monday -- all 'cause of a unusual approach the day ended, including the foreperson being excused over a outdated promise.

long story brief ... the jury had deliberated for 2 days prior to Friday, once they passed of their verdict kind -- with answers to 8 of the 9 questions asked of them. The 1 they hadn't decided unanimously ... whether BC acted with malice, and deserved punitive damages.

They could've been capable of head returned in to come to a decision that the very equal day ... if it wasn't for Sheriff's deputies demanding the courtroom clear the room at four:30 PM, due to a required closure time. word is ... there isn't a permitted budget for additional time, in order that they gave everyone the boot.

The different problem ... the lead juror had been given the eco-friendly easy much earlier to skedaddle on Friday -- which is after they expected this is able to all be wrapped up. This juror, it appears, had a previous dedication ... and can't stick round any further, including to return lower back and hash this out on Monday. As such, an alternative have to fill in -- and the jury has to birth over.

BTW, this case is all about a lady named Judy Huth ... who's alleged Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975, when she changed into sixteen. he is denied her claims.

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