Jordynne Grace made history in a wild healthy at Slammiversary - Cageside Seats

Jordynne Grace is again on the mountaintop of the Knockouts division. She made history at Slammiversary by way of successful the first-ever Queen of the Mountain healthy. In doing so, Grace also won the Knockouts Championship.

The Queen of the Mountain match became badass. The motion changed into so entertaining that it is valuable of being within the affect in shape of the 12 months dialog. The rules sound complicated, nonetheless it all played out easy adequate to delight in. All 5 competitors beginning the in shape ineligible to win. they can earn eligibility through pinfall or submission on an extra opponent. Being pinned or submitted sends a wrestler to the penalty container for 2 minutes. most reliable victory is received by means of hiking a ladder to cling the Knockouts Championship excessive above the ring.

Grace competed in opposition t Deonna Purrazzo, Cheslea eco-friendly, Mia Yim, and Tasha Steelz coming in because the reigning titleholder. Mickie James turned into on the scene as particular guest enforcer. Savannah Evans become ringside as Steelz' muscle.

Chelsea eco-friendly earned the primary pinfall. She launched for a flying crossbody to the outdoor onto Yim, Grace, Evans, and Steelz. Purrazzo attacked the same pile with a flipping senton. eco-friendly rolled Steelz into the ring for a 3-count. Steelz changed into sent into the penalty container. James leaned into her enforcer position to shove each Steelz and Evans into the cage. Later, James ejected Evans from ringside.

Yim turned into second to qualify with a bridging suplex on eco-friendly. green become despatched to the penalty field. She took a cheapshot by booting the cage door into James. Yim climbed the ladder to win, but Steelz flew in for a cutter.

Purazzo become third to qualify with an armbar submission on Steelz. Steelz changed into sent to the penalty container.

Yim picked up steam to move on a dominating run. She landed a missile dropkick leaping off the good of the cage to knock green into the ladder. Yim then ran on the ladder for a flipping senton onto Purrazzo and grace on the outdoor. Yim accomplished a double underhook piledriver on Grace for a pin. Grace was sent to the penalty box.

eco-friendly noticed an opening to climb the ladder, but James abused her authority to tug green down. James brought insult with a superkick to green. The Mickster slid the belt over to Yim to climb the ladder. Purrazzo stifled that thought by way of deciding upon up Yim off the ladder to powerbomb onto a second ladder.

green and Purrazzo both climbed the ladder on opposite sides. Yim then pushed the ladder over sending them crashing down via a desk on the floor.

Grace blasted Yim with a spinning backfist and pinned her on a bridging German suplex. Steelz swooped in to lie on accurate of Yim all over the pin. The referee dominated that both Grace and Steelz pinned Yim to turn into eligible. Yim changed into sent to the penalty container.

Grace and Steelz duked it out. Grace dumped Steelz with a musclebuster and picked up a pin to send Steelz to the penalty container. Grace become the only one standing with a free path to victory. She climbed the ladder to grasp the belt above. Grace is now a two-time Knockouts champion.

Do you think the primary-ever Queen of the Mountain healthy lived up to the hype?

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