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A Texas gun proprietor defended himself and another lady from a teenager who allegedly tried to rob them at gunpoint in Austin, Texas closing week, police announced.

Jaylyn Reed, 17, has now been charged with aggravated theft with a deadly weapon. Reed was already convicted of a collection of robberies in 2021. Police say he became launched from juvenile detention on can also 27 with an ankle display screen, which he cut it off two days later. Reed then dedicated a collection of nine robberies in five days, police say.

Reed reportedly approached the man and woman almost immediately after exiting a car, which police say contained three other suspects.

"Surveillance video recorded Reed as he exited the car and approached a black male sufferer and a black feminine sufferer," police wrote. "Reed pulled out a handgun and robbed the male sufferer of his backpack. on the identical time, the other suspects within the automobile moved ahead and waited for Reed. Reed moved toward the getaway car whereas pointing his handgun on the female sufferer. The male sufferer pulled out his firearm and fired a couple of pictures at Reed and people in the Chevy Malibu in self-defense."


The male victim struck Reed in the leg.

Police located Reed and the other three suspects shortly later on and applied a tourniquet to Reed's leg before he become taken to the hospital. Authorities recovered a number of stolen objects at the scene, including handguns.

Police have released pictures of Reed and two of his accomplices, Andre Harris and Paul Rossum, each 18 years ancient. The fourth suspect changed into a minor, however.

Jaylyn Reed, 17. (Courtesy, Austin Police department)

Paul Rossum, 18. (Courtesy, Austin Police branch).

Andre Harris, 18. (Courtesy, Austin Police department)

Police said the four suspects committed every of the robberies in an identical style.

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"All nine robberies that came about these days were committed in a similar way throughout the daylight," the APD wrote. "One suspect would exit the automobile after which enter a busy enterprise enviornment. The different suspects inside the car would additionally identify capabilities 'targets.' as soon as a person is recognized, the suspects approach them, element a handgun, and demand their assets. In a few instances, the victims suffered head accidents after being 'pistol-whipped' with the aid of the group of guys."

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