Uvalde mayor accuses Texas law enforcement director of lying, leaking and deceptive to steer clear of blame in shooting investigation - CNN

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Texas branch of Public safeguard broke weeks of silence Tuesday and launched its latest timeline of the Uvalde school shooting, blaming the fallacious police response on the faculty district's police chief.

but simply hours later, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin slammed the DPS's lack of transparency and accused its director, Col. Steven McCraw, of deliberately minimizing his company's blunders.

"Col. McCraw has continued to – whether you are looking to call it – lie, leak, misinform or misstate advice to be able to distance his personal troopers and Rangers from the response. each briefing he leaves out the variety of his own officers and Rangers that have been on-scene that day," McLaughlin advised residents at a metropolis council meeting Tuesday.

"Col. McCraw has an agenda and it is not to current a full report on what came about and provides factual answers on what came about to this group."

The mayor's criticisms add additional turmoil to a tragedy that has develop into a case analyze in unhealthy policing and worse conversation. very nearly a month has passed on the grounds that an 18-yr-old gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at Robb basic school. He remained inside the school rooms from eleven:33 a.m. unless 12:50 p.m. – when police ultimately breached the door and killed him, in accordance with a DPS timeline.

Yet authorities have repeatedly changed their account of key records about what came about inside the rooms and what police did in response all through those 77 minutes.

earlier Tuesday, McCraw testified earlier than a Texas Senate committee that the response from legislations enforcement was an "abject failure" and violated commonly taught protocol to cease the shooter as straight away as feasible.

He accused Uvalde college district police chief Pedro "Pete" Arredondo, who McCraw and others have recognized as the on-scene commander, of ordering police to attend in a close-by hallway for pointless machine and keys to a door that changed into now not even locked.

"Three minutes after the discipline entered the West constructing, there turned into a ample number of armed officers wearing body armor to isolate, distract and neutralize the area," he spoke of. "The most effective issue stopping the hallway of committed officers from entering rooms 111 and 112 turned into the on-scene commander, who determined to vicinity the lives of officers before the lives of children."

CNN has reached out to the Texas department of Public safeguard, the district legal professional's office, the chair of the Texas apartment investigating committee and the San Antonio office of the FBI for extra comment.

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Arredondo, who turned into also elected to the metropolis council this year, has remained out of the public eye on the grounds that the shooting. He testified behind closed doors to a Texas house committee Tuesday, but he has not spoken substantively about his resolution-making on the day of the taking pictures.

despite his election to the metropolis council, he has now not regarded at a meeting yet. at the meeting on Tuesday nighttime, council contributors unanimously denied him a leave of absence from future meetings.

also on the meeting, McLaughlin referred to that officers from at least eight law enforcement agencies had been within the hallway outside the classrooms on the day of the taking pictures. McLaughlin said he has no want to pursue elected workplace again and is "not covering up for anybody," saying all responding corporations should be held liable.

He noted the leaking of certain bits of assistance during the last few weeks "continues to create chaos in our community and continues the complete reality from popping out."

He especially took aim at what he noted become a false report that native police weren't cooperating with investigators, and he expressed his frustration with being left at midnight.

"I'm simply as annoyed – probably not as pissed off because the households that have lost their family – nonetheless it pisses me off that i will't provide you with solutions or can't get you answers," McLaughlin stated.

"What matters to Uvalde is that these brokenhearted families and this grieving neighborhood get a full investigation and an correct document of what took place that day. The petty infighting, the clickbait headlines and the politically influenced scapegoating isn't helping anybody. it's dividing a neighborhood and extra frustrating grieving households," he added.

McLaughlin spoke of he turned into meant to obtain an everyday briefing from authorities due to the fact its onset but none has been supplied.

"The gloves are off. As we understand it, we are able to share it. We are not going to cling returned anymore," he talked about.

McLaughlin has criticized the lack of transparency from investigators before, saying at a metropolis council assembly on June 7, "We had some missteps with the DPS releasing some records or various things, but that wasn't the Rangers who have been leading the investigation. I'm now not blaming any one," he stated.

"We had been told one thing one day, and tomorrow the narrative changed. You were advised for every week that a trainer propped the door open with a rock, and at the end of the week that story changed into gone too. That's the missteps I'm talking about," he delivered.

Tuesday's developments got here after reporting from CNN, the Texas Tribune and the Austin American-Statesman previewed some of the DPS timeline and revealed further flaws in the police response.

particulars from the first moments of the massacre include that 11 officers had been interior the constructing inside three minutes of the gunman opening fireplace. Rifles and ballistic shields were available shortly after, reviews published.

but 77 minutes passed from the time the gunman began taking pictures to when a tactical response team entered the classroom and killed him, in accordance with a timeline of events from DPS. Authorities mentioned they believed the lecture room doors had been locked and worked to locate a key, but security photos of officers trying out the doorways has yet to be discovered, based on the studies.

Arredondo up to now told The Texas Tribune he didn't accept as true with himself the incident commander and left his police radio and campus radio backyard the school as a result of he thought carrying them would slow him down.

Citing a DPS evaluation, McCraw told the state Senate committee Tuesday that Uvalde college law enforcement officials' radios won't have labored internal the college building due to a weaker sign. Border Patrol agents had the simplest moveable radios that could have worked, he mentioned, but when Border Patrol tried to patch their alerts along with local legislation enforcements' instruments, their radios didn't work both.

McCraw noted that DPS deliberate to release bodycam footage at some point.

"on every occasion the district lawyer approves it, we are going to release the entire body digicam insurance, we're going to release all the school video and the funeral video," he referred to.

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