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The pro wrestling world changed into dealt the blow of a mental Judas impact within the days ahead of SummerSlam 2022, because the WWE's longtime head honcho Vince McMahon introduced he became retiring from his CEO position. The decision came because the seventy six-year-historical is being investigated over allegedy paying hush money to settle past misconduct complaints from female former employees, even though the retirement is never without delay connected. Chris Jericho, who worked under Vince McMahon for nearly two decades, spoke with CinemaBlend about his publish-WWE successes with the AEW, but weighed in on McMahon stepping down after so a long time.

Jericho, who these days seemed as a guest superstar in Impractical Jokers, sat down with CinemaBlend at this yr's San Diego comic-Con, the place he shared why he thinks Vince McMahon is probably a good idea often talking. In his phrases:

The thing is, for me, I haven't worked in the WWE due to the fact that 2017. and i did work there well-nigh twenty years. I all the time loved working with Vince. discovered lots from him. And, you comprehend, he had an excellent run. after which stepping back is, you understand, likely for the most effective for him, even from a physical standpoint, as a result of he runs himself so ragged from the workload that he has.

After taking up his father's merchandising in 1982, Vince McMahon well-nigh did every little thing possible to preserve as a good deal manage and popularity as he could inside the expert wrestling business, with greater than a number of bridges being burned along the way. The proven fact that he spent an outstanding chunk of these years within the ring himself as an in-story villain certainly added actual stress on appropriate of every thing else, so it's relatively dazzling that he remained the public face of the business for provided that he did. (no longer so amazing when his ego is put into consideration, but nonetheless.)

As a great deal as Chris Jericho may also have learned from Vince McMahon during his years within the WWE, he and others within the AEW additionally learned classes for what no longer to do as a method to make their organization stand apart. now not that they're paying that an awful lot attention to the current goings-on anyway. right here's how Jericho put it:

I believe some of the foremost issues that we've carried out as a corporation with AEW is surely we be aware of WWE exists, and clearly we understand that they're obtainable and that they see us as 1,000% competition. however we don't basically worry about what's occurring in their world. We're a lot extra concerned with our personal suggests, sharing the most appropriate shows we will, and enhancing every little thing we will, telling the ultimate experiences we will. so to me, they're form of a ship on their own, and we are a whole lot extra diligent about AEW generally. I mean, like I pointed out, I care, however now not basically be concerned.

With Vince McMahon now stepping down absolutely — daughter Stephanie McMahon became serving as performing CEO as the WWE's Board investigation became in the early days — it probably units up a shift in how the business handles things sooner or later. We already know the creatives might be going harder on greater mature content material going ahead, but having somebody backyard the McMahon family in the driver's seat can be bonkers, assuming that grownup would have any reputable handle. Is it simply going to be Triple H when he's back in full? It's no longer out of the question. 

For what it's value, Chris Jericho doesn't see any foremost ways Vince McMahon's retirement is going to have an effect on issues over at AEW, however he isn't asserting anything is impossible so far as knowledge crossovers. In his phrases:

So is it going to have an effect on us anyway? We'll see… I don't be aware of if there'll ever be, you know, a WWE vs AEW crossover pay per view. however stranger things have took place. So, we'll see.

while nobody may still ramp up expectations for the day when the WWE and AEW move paths in the ring for Peacock subscribers (or HBO Max subscribers), it certainly seems like pretty much as good a time as any to beginning making noise about it online to convince the eventual Powers That Be that we'd want to see that happen someday. Assuming the card is extraordinary. and even simply fairly decent. 

AEW Rampage airs Friday nights on TNT at 10:00 p.m. ET, with Dynamite airing Wednesday nights on TBS at 8:00 p.m. ET.  

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