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Gene, Gene, the scamming laptop. Our mustachioed, Dockers-wearin', sweets-bakin' version of Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman has, finally, made an look in superior name Saul this season. And he's a changed man.

smartly, modified from the meek sad-sack we knew, frosting cinnamon rolls and supervising his fellow Cinnabonians at the Cottonwood Mall. when we final noticed Gene, in season five, he was outed because the man who'd made a reputation for himself as Albuquerque's most infamous criminal attorney. As we gain knowledge of within the a great deal-expected "Nippy," his run-in with Jeff has had a profound have an effect on on him. The menacing cabbie confronted Gene, forcing him to admit he had been Saul again within the ABQ. And notwithstanding Gene's initial reaction became to make a 911 name to Ed for an extra disappearing act, he modified his intellect, telling the vacuum-cleaner repairman he'd cope with matters himself. And that's the place we opt for up in this tempo-exchange of an episode, in which Gene musters up all of the Slippin' Jimmy and Saul Goodman he has in him and takes care of the rely of Jeff. For now, anyway.

As is the mark of a patented Saul Goodman rip-off/act of vengeance—the likes of which we saw unfold in slow, beautifully problematic detail across the primary half of the season—Gene's plot is an tricky one, involving Cottonwood safety, that season-four fainting attack that brought him into Jeff's orbit to start with, a department keep, and a few actual knowledge of the legislations. fresh Cinnabons and scam knowhow aspect in, too, as do cleverly shot scenes by means of favorite Saul/Breaking dangerous director Michelle MacLaren, who creates a cheeky caper vibe complete with cut up screens and Lalo Schifrin's "Jim On The flow" song from Mission: impossible.

Gene (Jimmy, Saul…all of these guys who live in this head) was not going to let this aggression from Jeff stand, man. So he goes so deep on shutting down Jeff that he scouts out and also scams his mother, Marion (the legendary Carol Burnett), as part of his universal, episode-length plan.

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The all-black-and-white time out's pace might also seem fairly abrupt, given the breakneck pace—for BCS, anyway—at which shockers and divulges had been served considering this second half of season six begun. but I think it's intentional, giving us a chance to cease and proceed to digest the loss of life, destruction, ruin-up, and reputable-Saul-Goodman-introduction of all of it, not to point out count on what lies forward. Now we're left with just three episode left, and Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's arrivals are forthcoming.

but it surely feels correct and probably very pleasant that Saul would tie all these characters (together with Mike and Gus and optimistically Kim one way or the other) together to conclusion the saga that started with Breaking unhealthy. Now that Jeff has sparked the unleashing of the Saul Goodman-ness that has just been ready internal Gene to grift once more, there's no putting the cork lower back within the hustler bottle. The Gene who used to sit by myself on a mall bench, eating a brown-bag lunch and hoping now not to be seen, is born once more as the Saul of ancient, frosting buns with panache and working up escalator steps to get to his new con, which may sooner or later be his one genuine love.

It may even be his ideal downfall. Jimmy adored Kim, and the conclusion of that relationship will continue to be one of the vital outstanding heartbreaks of the dangerous/Saul universe. but Gene sure looked lovingly at that Goodman-esque paisley shirt and image tie aggregate within the branch save. Like he couldn't wait to put that swimsuit on once again.

  • Up unless this episode, this season's key paintings might have been interpreted as both a black-and-white shot of Gene taking off a bright purple Saul sportcoat or inserting one on. Now we' understand it's the latter.
  • speakme of outfitting, Gene has additionally put on Marco's ring and everything it symbolizes.
  • amazing callback: the return of the security shield (who we now recognize in named Nick) from the season-three premiere. He's the one who's helping the Omaha police get rid of the young shoplifter Gene helps them find, when Gene yells out to the kid to say nothing and hire an legal professional. Nick isn't satisfied about Gene's counsel, and he reminds him about that after Gene indicates up at the security workplace in "Nippy." Nothing a number of neatly-frosted buns couldn't clean over, although.
  • The Schnauz Farms extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar cheese must be a nod to Saul creator/director/co-executive producer Thomas Schnauz. Too unhealthy Marion changed into no longer a fan.
  • Gene is at the desirable of his Saul game when he's thrown into emergency motion to keep Frank the safety safeguard (guest celebrity Jim O'heir) from seeing Jeff wipe out all the way through his shoplifting run around the department save. On the fly, Gene concocts a woe-is-me story that ties in real heartbreaks from his past, together with the loss of life of Chuck and the loss of Kim.
  • No, you were now not fallacious: That become a new actor playing Jeff, or Jeffy, as his mom calls him. Don Harvey played the cabbie in seasons 4 and five. EW notes that Harvey turned into tied up together with his position in HBO's We personal This metropolis and become unavailable to return for Saul, so actor Pat Healy is now playing the role. due to the fact that Burnett additionally prior to now established she will be in diverse episodes, it seems like a safe guess that, despite Gene's efforts, he can also now not be performed with Jeff. Or might be Jeff and Marion don't seem to be done with him.
  • Marion seems to be a pleasant woman who may also be a bit salty when she desires to be, like when she rudely responds to a fellow client's present to aid her get whatever thing off a high shelf and when she chastises the deli man for giving her 1 / 4 of a pound too a good deal pastrami on a old grocery travel. What if there's much more to Marion than meets the attention? And what if she finds out that Gene, who she thinks is such a superb affect on her Jeffy, has no longer best scammed and blackmailed him into crime, but additionally conned her into considering he's just a sort man she met whereas he become trying to find a misplaced pet? She, at the very least, is sharp girl. Jeff is a boob, but Marion could no longer be too satisfied with Gene—and he or she may not be too inclined to let him get away with it.
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