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presently after Vince McMahon introduced his retirement, Tony Khan, the head honcho of AEW and Ring of Honor, and the de facto number two guy in all of professional wrestling, right away took to social media to tweet a message.

That message:

As you could see from comfortably searching at the interactions on that tweet, loads of individuals felt a whole lot of approaches about it. There are distinct how to study the message contained therein, too. My companion on this right here web site, Sean, called it "fantastically harmless and pretty darn humorous." I are likely to agree. a glance throughout the replies indicates many others felt in a different way, finding it poorly timed, distasteful, and more.

all over the loss of life before Dishonor media scrum, he bought the probability to clarify his intentions with the tweet (by means of Wrestling Inc):

"i was referencing that AEW Rampage became on and simply the fact that of the massive essential groups, who i would believe 'The large three,' now i am the longest tenured [CEO] of path. I suppose if you trust pro wrestling, it's a good commentary. I just thought it's a factual observation, a word to promote Rampage but that's all it become. i can't say the rest about it. certainly optimistically received some eyeballs on Rampage and that i truly care about Rampage a whole lot. On a Friday, from time to time i'll try to promote Rampage in enjoyable approaches."

A businessman saw an opportunity to do some company, so he did it.

It's all in the video game, right?

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