594 Male Showrunners sign Letter supporting calls for for Abortion safeguard Protocols (unique) - variety

remaining week, more than four hundred television creators and showrunners — all of them girls — sent letters to appropriate executives at Hollywood studios stressful that certain defense protocols be put in area for pregnant personnel in states where abortion has been outlawed, or soon will be. Now, letters of aid signed via 594 guys — together with J.J. Abrams, Jordan Peele, Greg Berlanti, Donald Glover, Aaron Sorkin, David E. Kelley, Taika Waititi and Ryan Murphy — had been sent to the identical companies.

The text of the letter is short, effectively saying the undersigned stand with their "feminine, trans & non-binary showrunner colleagues in stressful a response from our employers concerning the imminent crisis" at hand. It was delivered with the aid of replying-all to the first letter, and was sent to Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount, Apple, NBC conventional, Amazon, Lionsgate and AMC.

These activist correspondences were instigated by the Supreme court's June 24 Dobbs decison, which overturned Roe v. Wade. After diversity posted the first letter completely closing week, some readers on social media had a query: where are the men?

On Monday, a powerful collection of male allies arrived. This new letter, covered in full under, along with its signatories, echoes the language of the primary one, which in 4 bullet points called for the organizations to deliver written response about their safety protocols through eleven:fifty nine p.m. on Aug. 10. The preliminary letter was signed by 411 showrunners who are among the most dominant content creators in television, together with Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, Natasha Lyonne, Ava DuVernay, Mindy Kaling, Elizabeth Meriwether, Pamela Adlon and more than 400 others.

The letters have deemed the challenge an "emergency" for employees in states such as Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, which have or quickly will have anti-abortion laws on the books which have been brought on with the aid of the Dobbs decision.

probably the most urgent concerns, in line with the letters, are having programs in location to make sure secure, funded, and private commute for an worker in quest of an abortion; protocols for care for "ectopic pregnancies and other being pregnant complications" right through construction; and guaranteed safeguards "regarding crook and civil criminal insurance policy" for those that help an employee get an abortion. The letters have also called for the organizations to "discontinue all political donations to anti-abortion candidates and political action committees instantly."

In 2019, after Georgia's so-referred to as "heartbeat" abortion ban became very nearly put in area, several studios, led through Netflix, said they'd rethink filming in the state, which leads the U.S. in film tax incentives, and has become a creation powerhouse. Citing the Dobbs ruling, a federal appeals court currently lifted the injunction in opposition t that law, but to date the studios have referred to simplest that they would reimburse commute charges for employees compelled to depart the state to reap an abortion.

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic Georgia politician who's working for governor this 12 months, has been considered as a notion leader on the complicated questions of even if Hollywood should abandon states that move laws equivalent to anti-abortion legislations, or reside so as to support local crews and support exchange those legal guidelines. except the fresh Dobbs determination, Abrams vociferously was on the side of urging studios to live and combat. but in a recent interview with variety's Jazz Tangcay, she noted that whereas she considers the enjoyment trade to be "essential" to Georgia, she introduced that "every single enterprise, each girl should do what they believe is most advantageous for them."

the whole letter and its signers is below.



In annoying a coordinated and well timed response from our employers involving the coming near near office-safeguard disaster created through the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Abortion access doesn't best affect individuals who can turn into pregnant. It influences us all.

1. Aaron Cooley2. Aaron Daniel Harberts3. Aaron Ginsburg4. Aaron Korsh5. Aaron Rahsaan Thomas6. Aaron Shure7. Aaron Sorkin8. Abe Sylvia9. Adam Chase10. Adam Conover11. Adam Countee12. Adam Goldberg13. Adam Horowitz14. Adam McKay15. Adam Milch16. Adam R. Perlman17. Akiva Goldsman18. Al Madrigal19. Alan Ball20. Alan Poul21. Alan Yang22. Albert Kim23. Alec Berg24. Alex Anfanger25. Alex Barnow26. Alex Berger27. Alex Cuthbertson28. Alex Fernie29. Alex Gansa30. Alex Gregory31. Alex Herschlag32. Alex Kurtzman33. Alexi Hawley34. Allan Heinberg35. Andrew Black36. Andrew Chambliss37. Andrew Green38. Andrew Hinderaker39. Andrew Reich40. Andrew Dettmann41. Andy Gordon42. Andy Reaser43. Anthony Gioe44. Anthony King45. Anthony Natoli46. Anthony Sparks47. Ari Posner48. Aron Eli Coleite49. Austen Earl50. Austin Winsberg51. Barry M. Schkolnick52. Beau Willimon53. Ben Edlund54. Ben Karlin55. Ben Mekler56. Ben Nedivi57. Ben Queen58. Ben Wexler59. Benjamin David Sinclair60. Benji Samit61. invoice Cha is62. bill Hader63. bill Krebs64. bill Lawrence65. bill Martin66. bill Prady67. invoice Wolkoff68. invoice Wrubel69. Billy Eichner70. Billy Ray71. Blake Lee72. Bob Daily73. Brad Falchuk74. Bradley Marques75. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins76. Brandon Margolis77. Brannon Braga78. Brendan Gall79. Brendan Hay80. Brent Fletcher81. Brent Miller82. Brett Baer83. Brett Johnson84. Brett Matthews85. Brian Gallivan86. Brian okay. Vaughan87. Brian Koppelman88. Brian Michael Lynch89. Brian Young90. Bruce Miller91. Bryan Cogman92. Bryan Fuller93. Bryan Wynbrandt94. Byron Balasco95. Cameron Ali Fay96. Cameron Crowe97. Carl Capotorto98. Carlton Cuse99. Carter Bays100. Carter Covington101. Chad Fiveash102. Chad Hodge103. Charles H. Eglee104. Charles Murray105. Charlie Brooker106. Charlie Day107. Charlie Grandy108. Cheo Hodari Coker109. Chip Johannessen110. Chris Bishop111. Chris Brancato112. Chris Dingess113. Chris Harris114. Chris Mundy115. Chris Ord116. Chris Romano117. Chris Van Dusen118. Christian Taylo r119.Christopher Amick120. Christopher C. Rogers121. Christopher Cantwell122. Christopher Hollier123. Christopher Keyser124. Christopher Lloyd125. Christopher Miller126. Christopher Storer127. Chuck Lorre128. Chuck Tatham129. Clyde Phillips130. Colin Edward Lawrence131. wire Jefferson132. Courtney Lilly133. Craig DiGregorio134. Craig Doyle135. Craig Gerard136. Craig Mazin137. Craig Shapiro138. Craig Thomas139. Craig Turk140. D.B. Weiss141. Damon Lindelof142. Dan Bucatinsky143. Dan Fogelman144. Dan Futterman145. Dan Goor146. Dan Gregor147. Dan Guterman148. Dan Hernandez149. Dan Milano150. Dan Signer151. Dan Sterling152. Daniel Cerone153. Daniel Goldfarb154. Daniel Palladino155. Daniel Powell156. Daniel Schimpf157. Daniel Thomsen158. Danny Fernandez159. Danny Strong160. Dave Burd161. Dave Erickson162. Dave Finkel163. Dave Holstein164. David A. Goodman165. David Adjmi166. David Benioff167. David DiGilio168. David Dobkin169. David E. Kelley170. David Eick171. David Flebotte172. David Fu ry173. David Gould174. David Graziano175. David Guarascio176. David Guggenheim177. David H. Goodman178. David H. Steinberg179. David Holden180. David Hudgins181. David Iserson182. David J. Rosen183. Dave King184. David Kohan185. David Levien186. David Mandel187. David McMillan188. David S. Goyer189. David Schulner190. David Shore191. David Sidorov192. David Simon193. David Slack194. David Stassen195. David Wain196. David Weil197. David Windsor198. David Zabel199. D.C. Pierson200. Dean Georgaris201. Declan De Barra202. Deric A. Hughes203. Devon Shepard204. Dewayne Jones205. Donald Glover206. Doug Mand207. Drew Crevello208. Drew Goddard209. Drew Z. Greenberg210. D.V. DeVincentis211. Eben Russell212. Ed Helms213. Ed Redlich214. Edward Kitsis215. Elgin James216. Eli Attie217. Eric Charmelo218. Eric Falconer219. Eric Gilliland220. Eric Guggenheim221. Eric Haywood222. Eric Heisserer223. Eric Kripke224. Eric Overmyer225. Eric Tuchman226. Erik Oleson227. Etan Marciano228. Flint Wainess229. Frank Pugliese230. Fred Armisen231. Gabe Liedman232. Gabriel L. Feinberg233. Garrett Lerner234. Gideon Raff235. Glen Mazzara236. Graham Roland237. Graham Yost238. Greg Berlanti239. Greg Daniels240. Greg Tuculescu241. Greg Yaitanes242. Halsted Sullivan243. Harris Danow244. Hart Hanson245. Hayden Schlossberg246. Henry Alonso Myers247. Hilly Hicks Jr.248. Howard A. Rodman249. Howard Deutch250. Ian Deitchman251. Ian B. Goldberg252. Ike Barinholtz253. Isaac Aptaker254. Itamar Moses255. J. Holtham256. Jack Burditt257. Jack Dolgen258. Jake Fogelnest259. Jake Kasdan260. Jake Weisman261. James Duff262. James Schamus263. James Stoteraux264. Jason Horwitch265. Jason Katims266. Jason Smilovic267. Jason Sudeikis268. Jason Ubaldi269. Jay Beattie270. Jay Duplass271. Jay Kogen272. Jed Whedon273. Jeff Blitz274. Jeff Davis275. Jeff Melvoin276. Jeff Rake277. Jeff Schaffer278. Jeffrey Bell279. Jeffrey Lieber280. Jeffrey Paul King281. Jeremy Carver282. Jeremy Garelick283. Jesse Alexander284. Jesse Armst rong285. Jesse Lasky286. Jim Gavin287. Jim Mickle288. J.J. Abrams289. Joe Gangemi290. Joe Henderson291. Joe Port292. Joe Wiseman293. Joel Sinensky294. Joey Falco295. John Aboud296. John August297. John Eisendrath298. John Francis Daley299. John Gatins300. John Hamburg301. John Hlavin302. John Hoffman303. John McNamara304. John Melfi305. John Riggi306. John Rogers307. John Wells308. John Whittington309. Jon Avnet310. Jon Feldman311. Jon Hurwitz312. Jon Kinnally313. Jon Lovett314. Jon Robin Baitz315. Jonathan Abrahams316. Jonathan Caren317. Jonathan Collier318. Jonathan Entwistle319. Jonathan Goldstein320. Jonathan Groff321. Jonathan I. Kidd322. Jonathan Krisel323. Jonathan Levine324. Jonathan Lisco325. Jonathan E. Steinberg326. Jonathan Tropper327. Jordan Blum328. Jordan Peele329. Jorge A. Reyes330. Jose Molina331. Josh Appelbaum332. Josh Berman333. Josh Bycel334. Josh Friedman335. Josh Gad336. Josh Greenberg337. Josh Heald338. Josh Lieb339. Josh Reims340. Josh Schwartz341. Josh Sieg al342. Josh Stoddard343. Joshua Allen344. Joshua Safran345. Joshuah Bearman346. Julian Breece347. Justin Marks348. Justin Noble349. Justin Simien350. Karl Gajdusek351. Keith Eisner352. Kelvin Yu353. Ken Jeong354. Ken Olin355. Kenneth Lin356. Kenya Barris357. Kevin Biegel358. Kevin Etten359. Kevin Falls360. Kevin Hench361. Kevin Williamson362. Kirk J. Rudell363. Kumail Nanjiani364. Kurt Sutter365. Kyle Bradstreet366. Kyle Jarrow367. Kyle Mooney368. Lamar Woods369. Lamorne Morris370. Larry David371. Larry Karaszewski372. Larry Wilmore373. Lee Eisenberg374. Lee Sung Jin375. Leigh Dana Jackson376. Les Bohem377. Leslie Morgenstein378. Lon Zimmet379. Luke Del Tredici380. Luvh Rakhe381. Malcolm Spellman382. Mano Agapion383. Marc Firek384. Marc Guggenheim385. Marc Silverstein386. Marco Ramirez387. Mark Bianculli388. Mark Duplass389. Mark Goffman390. Mark Gross391. Mark Ian Bomback392. Mark Kruger393. Mark Kunerth394. Mark Lafferty395. Mark Levin396. Mark V. Olsen397. Mark Valadez398. Mark V erheiden399. Marshall Herskovitz400. Martin Gero401. Matt Byrne402. Matt Corman403. Matt Duffer404. Matt Fusfeld405. Matt Hubbard406. Matt Kester407. Matt Lopez408. Matt Manfredi409. Matt McGuinness410. Matt Miller411. Matt Negrete412. Matt Selman413. Matt Tarses414. Matt Warburton415. Matthew J. Lieberman416. Matthew Kellard417. Matthew Lau418. Matthew López419. Matthew Murray420. Matthew Senreich421. Matthew Weiner422. Matthew Zinman423. Max Borenstein424. Mehar Sethi425. Micah Fitzerman-Blue426. Micah Schraft427. Michael Aguilar428. Michael Chabon429. Michael Colton430. Michael D. Fuller431. Michael Goldbach432. Michael Green433. Michael Hitchcock434. Michael Price435. Michael Rauch436. Michael Schur437. Michael Showalter438. Michael Waldron439. Michael Yank440. Mickey Down441. Mickey Fisher442. Mike Chessler443. Mike McMahan444. Mike O'Malley445. Mike Royce446. Mike Schiff447. Mike Sikowitz448. Neal Baer, MD449. Neil Gaiman450. Neil Goldman451. Nicholas Rutherford452. Nichol as Stoller453. Nicholas Wootton454. Nick Kocher455. Nick Kroll456. Nick Mandernach457. Noah Evslin458. Noah Hawley459. Norman Lear460. Patrick Schumacker461. Patrick Sean Smith462. Patrick Somerville463. Patrik-Ian Polk464. Patton Oswalt465. Paul Feig466. Paul Scheer467. Paul Thureen468. Paul Weitz469. Paul William Davies470. Peter Ackerman471. Peter Calloway472. Peter Chiarelli473. Peter Elkoff474. Peter Gould475. Peter Nowalk476. Peter Ocko477. Peter Paige478. Peter Tolan479. Phil Hay480. Phil Klemmer481. Phil Lord482. Phil Rosenthal483. Philip Matarese484. Prashanth Venkataramanujam485. Prentice Penny486. R.J. Cutler487. Ramy Youssef488. Randy Barbato489. Raphael Bob-Waksberg490. Rasheed Newson491. Rawson Marshall Thurber492. Rene Gube493. Rian Johnson494. Richard Keith495. Rick Cleveland496. Rob Bragin497. Rob Corddry498. Rob Greenberg499. Rob Hanning500. Rob Lotterstein501. Rob McElhenney502. Rob Thomas503. Rob Wright504. Robbie Thompson505. Robert Berens506. Robert Cohen507. R obert Hewitt Wolfe508. Robert Levine509. Robert Padnick510. Robert Rovner511. Robert Smigel512. Roberto Benabib513. Rodney Barnes514. Rodney Rothman515. Rodrigo García516. Rolin Jones517. Ron Fitzgerald518. Ross Duffer519. Russel Friend520. Ryan Condal521. Ryan Murphy522. Ryan O'Connell523. Ryan Raddatz524. Sam Ernst525. Sam Esmail526. Sam Laybourne527. Sam Means528. Sam Pitman529. Sam Reich530. Sam Richardson531. Sam Shaw532. Sanjay Shah533. Sascha Penn534. Scott Alexander535. Scott Frank536. Scott Gold537. Scott M. Gimple538. Scott Neustadter539. Scott Prendergast540. Scott Reynolds541. Scott Rosenbaum542. Scott Z. Burns543. Sean Clements544. Seth Gordon545. Seth Grahame-Smith546. Seth MacFarlane547. Shawn Ryan548. Silas Howard549. Spike Jonze550. Stephen Falk551. Stephen Glover552. Steve Blackman553. Steve Lichtman554. Steve Yockey555. Steven Canals556. Steven Davis557. Steven Levenson558. Steven Levitan559. Steven Lilien560. Steven S. DeKnight561. Sunil Nayar562. Tad Quill56 3. Taika Waititi564. Ted Humphrey565. Ted Nitschke566. Terence Winter567. Terry Matalas568. Thomas Kail569. Tim Curcio570. Tim Heidecker571. T.J. Brady572. Todd Helbing573. Todd Slavkin574. Tom Fontana575. Tom Purcell576. Tony Gilroy577. Tony Phelan578. Travon Free579. Trey Callaway580. Tripper Clancy581. Tucker Cawley582. Vali Chandrasekaran583. Vinnie Wilhelm584. Warren Hsu Leonard585. Warren Leight586. Will Forte587. Will Gluck588. Will Pascoe589. William Harper590. Yassir Lester591. Zachary Whedon592. Zack Estrin593. Zahir McGhee594. Zander Lehmann

Gene Maddaus contributed to this record. Pictured above, left to right: J.J. Abrams, Jordan Peele, Ryan Murphy.

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