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Aaron Rodgers is may be the most appropriate quarterback of all-time, but he's made himself look like an absolute fool each time he's opened his mouth over the remaining two-plus years. Rodgers is the guy who deliberately misled the media over his vaccination repute, spread disinformation about Covid, always talked on countrywide media about being the victim of cancel tradition, and for some motive advised the total world he likes to place oil in his butt. It goes devoid of saying that it's critical to have a suit amount of skepticism every time he speaks into a microphone.

Rodgers did an additional interview this week, and observed how he had arguably the two most fulfilling seasons of his profession in his late '30s. Rodgers noted the secret to his success a psychedelic event with the ayahuasca plant that resulted in him having again-to-back MVP seasons in 2020 and 2021.

Rodgers looked on the Aubrey Marcus podcast and mentioned his experience with psychedelics, from taking magic mushrooms on the seashore together with his pals (which Rodgers called some of the most reliable days of his lifestyles) to his adventure ingesting ayahuasca. here's a clip from the interview:

Rodgers talks about going to Machu Picchu with ex-female friend Danica Patrick just before the birth of the pandemic. After mountaineering the mountain, Rodgers took ayahuasca and had a magnificent psychedelic journey.

Rodgers noted how psychedelics helped his intellectual fitness:

We talk so lots about mental fitness. Marshawn Lynch had a basic retirement press convention speakme about looking after your mentals. We talk so a whole lot about intellectual fitness, and to me one of the core tenants of your mental fitness is self love. That's what ayahuasca did for me. It helped me see a way to unconditionally love myself. It's best in that unconditional self love that I'm definitely capable of unconditionally love others. What more suitable solution to work on my mental fitness than to have an journey like that. The highest quality reward I can provide my teammates is to exhibit up and be somebody who can model unconditional like to them. absolutely it's crucial I play well and show up and lead all that stuff. however they received't care about what you say unless they know the way a great deal you care.

Rodgers spoke of taking ayahuasca felt like having "one hundred distinctive hands on my body." The side results of taking it encompass dropping manage of your bowels and throwing up far and wide, which Marcus spoke of isn't inaccurate. when you are an Aaron Rodgers hater, as a minimum that's a cheerful visible.

while Rodgers spews a lot of garbage, having a psychedelic journey in an try to enhance one's mental health is without doubt one of the more comparatively cheap things he's referred to in recent years. He may deserve to have a different intellect-altering commute this year with out Davante Adams around. For as helpful as psychedelics can be some americans, throwing passes to arguably the most desirable huge receiver within the league is a little greater functional if you're an NFL quarterback.

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