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Dolph Lundgren took to social media to "set the list straight" involving the fresh controversy that's drinking the "Rocky" franchise. variety said July 28 that MGM is developing a "Drago" spinoff movie with screenwriter Robert Lawton, an announcement that turned into later condemned through "Rocky" franchise creator and actor Sylvester Stallone. Lundgren instructed "Rocky" lovers to relax after Stallone spoke out against the movie, and he demonstrated he is now involved with Stallone in regards to the capabilities spinoff after assuming Stallone could be automatically worried.

"just to set the checklist straight concerning a likely 'Drago' spinoff. There's no permitted script, no deals in region, no director and i become in my opinion beneath the impact that my friend Sly Stallone turned into concerned as a producer or even as an actor," Lundgren wrote. "There changed into a press leak ultimate week which changed into unlucky. in touch with Mr. Balboa – just so the entire enthusiasts can calm down…There ya go."

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Plot details about a "Drago" spinoff have not been revealed, so it become uncertain when the assignment become introduced if Lundgren, who debuted as Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV," or Florian Munteanu, who portrayed Drago's son Viktor in "Creed II," would reprise their roles.

"I express regret to the enthusiasts, I certainly not wanted ROCKY characters to be exploited through these parasites," Stallone wrote concerning the spinoff movie. "incidentally, I don't have anything however admire for Dolph however I wish HE had advised me what turned into going on in the back of my returned. preserve your real friends close."

It changed into now not the primary time in July that Stallone had spoken out in regards to the "Rocky" franchise. He prior to now condemned producer Irwin Winkler for not giving him any control of the series, writing, "After Irwin controlling 'Rocky' for over forty seven years, and now 'Creed', I really would like to have at least a bit [of] what's left of my rights again, before passing it on to only your children."

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As for the "Drago" movie, Lawton turned into employed because the movie's author after impressing MGM executives with his spec script "fitting Rocky," about the making of the primary "Rocky" film.

"I'm enormously humbled and grateful for this chance, and i'm approaching it as a big fan of the 'Rocky' franchise, who happens to be a screenwriter," Lawton noted in a statement to range.

forward of the "Drago" spinoff, the Michael B. Jordan-directed "Creed III" will open in theaters March three, 2023.

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