Ne-Yo's wife files for Divorce, Says He Had kid with one other lady - TMZ

Ne-Yo's wife is putting an conclusion to the couple's marriage ... submitting for divorce, and claiming the singer recently fathered a child with a further woman.

Crystal Renay -- who married Ne-Yo in February 2016 -- filed divorce medical doctors previous this week in Atlanta announcing the couple's marriage is "irretrievably broken and not using a hope for reconciliation."

What's most shocking, Smith says that while she and Ne-Yo have three children collectively of their own -- he currently fathered a child with a further girl. Crystal lists the couple's date of separation as July 22, 2022 ... and says she's been looking after the three youngsters because the break up.

Crystal is asking for primary actual custody of the kids and joint legal custody -- she's additionally requesting baby support and alimony.

Ne-Yo and Crystal have had their americaand downs through the years, she filed for divorce back in 2020 but later withdrew her petition. TMZ broke the story, both celebrated their love once once again in 2022 in Vegas with a "2d" marriage ceremony.

some thing tells us there might not be a 3rd.

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