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You can also have heard that most important League Baseball's alternate deadline passed on Tuesday night. (If no longer, you could use our convenient exchange tracker to catch up on all the moves from the previous a few weeks.) As such, this version of Prospect Watch is, predictably, all about ranking and examining the five most appropriate youngsters who have been blanketed in deals.

keep in mind that these workout routines are at all times extra of an paintings than a science and that there have been more than five worthwhile prospects traded at the time limit. Now, onward.

there may be plenty to like about Marte's video game. he is a left-facet infielder with neatly-above-usual uncooked vigour who walks and who has stored his strikeout expense in investigate despite enjoying towards competitors this is several years older than him. The one big unknown dealing with Marte is his defensive line. he's been awfully error-prone at short over the remaining two seasons, and he may need to slide to 3rd. That won't be a lot of a terrible if he hits the manner he is able to hitting.

Hassell, the eighth prefer in the 2020 draft, has already finished success in high-A by means of hitting .299/.379/.467 with 10 domestic runs in 75 video games. Scouts have raved about his hit device and his strategy courting returned to his prep days; unluckily, they've also questioned when (and how plenty) he'll tap into his raw pop, and if he'll stick in center. those considerations continue to be in vicinity, but now it's as much as the Nationals to aid him find an outstanding resolution.

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three. Edwin Arroyo, SS, Reds (Luis Castillo)

Arroyo had his share of fans coming into the 2021 draft due to a combination of his intense early life and his protective skill at shortstop. It didn't damage that he confirmed enough superb characteristics at the plate for scouts to check him ascending beyond utility player reputation. still, Arroyo confirmed more offensive competency than his most ardent boosters might have expected with the aid of hitting .316/.385/.514 in 87 video games in the Cal League, the place his regular opponent was, oh, more than three years his senior. Arroyo is a few seasons far from being huge-league significant, but he is one to keep in mind.

four. James timber, OF, Nationals (Juan Soto)

timber, the other outfielder within the Soto exchange, has the sort of uncooked vigour you'd predict from someone listed at 6-foot-7. He moves more advantageous than the Richie Sexsons of the world, although, and the Padres had primarily performed him in middle field. The leading issue about wood's video game as an novice changed into that he would strike out too commonly to maximize his pop. it be an encouraging sign, then, that he is been capable of hold his seasonal strikeout rate beneath 20 %. timber could turn into a center-of-the-order hitter if that fashion holds as he strikes up the ladder.

If the Angels have been determined to take an offramp on Marsh, a former precise prospect who has struggled to make constant contact within the majors, they might've completed worse than netting O'Hoppe in return. he's spent the season in Double-A, hitting .275/.392/.496 with 15 domestic runs in 75 games. O'Hoppe is a neatly-rounded backstop, a field-universal class who could supply general or superior offensive construction. He looks competent for Triple-A, and he may still be able to make his massive-league debut in 2023.

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