Shannon Sharpe Expects NFL To name Rodgers Over Psychedelics, 'now not an excellent seem' - TMZ

Roger Goodell could be on Aaron Rodgers' Line 1 very soon ... 'trigger Shannon Sharpe says he expects the NFL commish to call the Packers big name after the QB admitted to the use of psychedelics past this week.

"i am sure the NFL is likely going to supply him a name and say, 'it really is not a great seem to be,'" the hall of fame tight conclusion talked about Thursday.

if you neglected it, Rodgers pointed out on essentially the most recent episode of the "Aubrey Marcus Podcast" that if he hadn't had a psychedelic journey in South the us after ingesting the ayahuasca plant -- which carries DMT -- he might now not have won the NFL's MVP award the previous two seasons.

Aaron Rodgers credit Psychedelic Ayahuasca Plant For 'premier Season Of My profession'

Rodgers raved over the plant brew's psychoactive outcomes ... asserting he "had a magical event" that helped lead him to turn into a far better grownup and soccer participant.

Sharpe says he has no issues with Rodgers' travel -- though he instructed us out at LAX he's relatively assured the NFL doubtless ain't feeling the identical means.

"I do not know the NFL is too chuffed about him taking hallucinogenics," Sharpe stated ... before including, "i'm sure the commissioner goes to attain out and have a dialog with him."

Sharpe says or not it's uncertain to him if the NFL could finally punish Rodgers over it all.

however, once again, the previous Broncos famous person reiterated he is comfortable all of it labored out for A-Rodge.

"It appears bizarre to me," he said, "however whatever thing helps someone turn into a far better adult and find his internal self -- i'm cool with it."

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